Quick coupler

Lehnhoff Fully Automatic Symmetric Quick Coupler (SQ-V)

  • Designed to provide added safety and time savings with “plug-and-play" capabilities for quick attachment changes resulting in increased productivity – Lehnhoff quick coupler options are a smart choice for many types of Komatsu excavators. We can help you select the right quick coupler for your industry whether it be in land development, construction, demolition or mining.

Drive efficiency and productivity

With the Lehnhoff Fully Automatic Quick Coupler (SQ-V), operators can change all rigid and hydraulic attachments without leaving the excavator cab – more easily and efficiently. With less time spent on manual attachment changes, productivity can be increased.

  • This convenience is achieved through a combination of the quick coupler system's symmetric design and integrated, patented valve technology

  • More time in the cab means more efficient operations — and less time physically interacting with the machine’s work equipment

Feature Technology

  • SQ valve blocks provide five symmetrically arranged short-stroke valves for maximum performance – including a leakage oil line, an integrated hydraulic tensioning device for firm hydraulic connections, and an optional power feed-through
  • Designed as fully automatic systems (the quick coupler is also available without valve technology)
  • Complements the symmetric concept of the S-standard (the open industry standard for the interface between excavator and attachment) with an ingenious feature: a symmetric valve block that allows attachments such as a tilting bucket or a crusher bucket to be operated hydraulically in shovel mode
  • Built-in protection function prevents misdirected engagement with attachments not intended for reverse mode
  • Engineered internal block depressurization unit increases the service life of the SQ valves and reduces the installation efforts and costs significantly.

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