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Global Mining Review: Six Reasons Why An Open Ecosystem is the Future of Mining

1 min read / May 22, 2023

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Greg Lanz and Simon van Wegan, Komatsu, outline the need for greater collaboration in the mining industry and the potential advancements an open ecosystem approach could bring about. 

Innovation is critical to the future of the mining industry. Only through innovative solutions can mining improve the efficiency of processes, reduce costs, and meet society’s demands for sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Of course, individual companies launch new products, services and solutions every year that help mining evolve and advance down that path, but what if innovation in mining was collaborative and more of a group effort? What if there were a way for the many companies, partners and supplier a mining operation uses to work together seamlessly for the greater good of the customer, while also benefitting from their own interest in the process? 

*This article was written for the May issue of Global Mining Review. Read the rest on page 23 here.