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Reinforcing the Rock Mass

1 min read / May 11, 2023

Bolter_ZB21_Sudbury CAN_JH_221220_27.jpg

E&MJ looks at advances in ground support components and their installation with six key suppliers.

Komatsu’s ZB21 Goes from Strength to Strength (page 40)

Komatsu has been engaged in ground support in a variety of ways for a longtime, including in both hard rock and coal/industrial minerals applications. The company’s latest product for ground support is the ZB21 bolter, which was launched, along with the ZJ21 jumbo drill, in November 2020. The ZB21 is designed specifically for bolting in hard-rock mines with restrictive tunnel sizes. It delivers long-lasting and continuous ground support installations in challenging conditions.

*This article was written by Carly Leonida for the April issue of E&MJ. Read the rest here.