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Mining Magazine: Komatsu takes engine monitoring up a gear with Cummins integration

1 min read / November 9, 2023

Komatsu employees remotely monitoring mining equipment health

Introduced earlier this year, Komatsu's Remote Equipment Monitoring solution provides advanced analytics, monitoring tools and expertise that can help to enhance quick decision-making, pinpoint inefficiencies and promote optimized mining processes for increasing productivity. The concept grew out of a need to provide an all-in-one solution that leverages expertise, service and support to find the best utilization of your engine, equipment and components so you can optimize your mining operations. 

“By having remote access to machine data, we can start to perform some of these activities away from the immediate vicinity of the machine,” said Simon van Wegen, Director of Mining Solutions. “This includes tasks like inspections, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.” 

Many of these activities can be done remotely, with guidance provided to the operator over the radio, for example. In addition, these activities can be incorporated into preventative maintenance programs, where they were previously conducted directly on the machine. This means we have more information about the machine’s condition going into the maintenance event, reducing overall downtime. It also provides us with much more detailed insights, enhancing the work package for technicians when the machine undergoes maintenance. 

Overall, it’s about minimizing instances where personnel are directly exposed to hazards while performing certain activities on the machine.

This article was written by Craig Guthrie, Editor, Mining Magazine, for the October 2023 issue of the publication. The issue can be found here: Komatsu takes engine monitoring up a gear with Cummins integration - Mining Magazine