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Mining Magazine: Komatsu building optimization platform

1 min read / May 26, 2023


Want to optimize your mine? There may soon be an app for that.

Komatsu is known as one of the world's largest developers of mining equipment. It turns out everything from draglines, shovels and trucks for surface mining to a range of underground loaders and trucks.

It is also a pioneer in the autonomous haulage space, It rolled out its first autonomous trucks in 2008 in Australia and now has 650 driverless trucks at 22 mine sites around the world.

It plans to take the offering even further.

Salditt said with the availability of data rapidly growing there was an opportunity to further improve a mine's performance. 

That is why Komatsu is developing an optimization platform.


*This article was written by Noel Dyson for Mining Magazine. Read the rest here