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Komatsu on the unrealized power of analytics

1 min read / April 13, 2023

Surface mining technology screens monitoring shovel and truck

Analytics are reaching maturity for miners, but adoption is behind the curve.

Analytics and optimisation are gradually playing a larger role in mining operations as they being to prove themselves by providing insights and efficiencies that can improve overall productivity, reduce costs and promote sustainable practices.

Miners are finding that by leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, they can gain a deeper understanding of processes across the value chain, while identifying areas for improvement and optimisation. 

One key emerging area where analytics and optimisation are having a significant Tier one companies aiming for mine optimisation are targeting ESG goals impact, for instance, is in reducing the carbon footprint of mining operations.

*This article was written by Craig Guthrie for the April issue of Mining Magazine. Read more on page 34 here.