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Australian Mining: Increasing productivity autonomously

1 min read / August 21, 2023

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Owned by Komatsu, Modular Mining is one of the leaders in supplying innovative mining equipment and has consistently provided one of the most complete line-ups of mine management solutions on the global market.

Modular Mining has the mission statement of providing “leverage data and innovation to optimise the mining value chain in real-time”, and this is achieved through Komatsu’s autonomous haulage system, also known as AHS, which acts as a comprehensive fleet management system for mining operations.

Komatsu product strategy manager of automation systems William Nassauer told Australian Mining the AHS was designed with safety at front of mind.

“Attention to safety has been fundamental in the design of the system since the beginning, and it remains our strongest suit,” Nassauer said.

“From a productivity standpoint, we believe that the pairing of the safest AHS with the best fleet management solution, Modular Mining’s DISPATCH, creates a powerful combination that cannot be equaled.”

Komatsu’s AHS was first commercially implemented in 2008, and for the 16 years it has been a system that significantly increases productivity, improves safety and offers long-term reliability. But how does it work?

*This article was written by Alexandra Eastwood for Australian Mining. Read the rest here.