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Equipment monitoring and analytics

Universal shovel interface

Designed to improve information flow for real-time analysis and decision-making to help you operate more efficiently and productively.

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Quickly integrate the information you need from your shovel, including payload weights, into a preferred mine management system. Our universal shovel interface works with any P&H shovel equipped with the Centurion electrical control to allow the sending and receiving of data with mine management software.

Improved information flow can reduce operational costs and help production personnel use payload and cycle time information to help optimize operator efficiencies and productivity.

Information that is shared back and forth includes:

  • Centurion data provided to the shovel interface
  • Shovel faults
  • Payload data, including cycle times and payloads
  • Propel start/stop
  • Mine management data provided to the Centurion system
  • Truck information, including capacity, truck ID/model, and material code
  • GPS location
  • Delay codes

The interface is compatible with Modular, Jigsaw, and Wenco systems.

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