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Creating the job site of the future with Smart Construction Solutions

Learn how to enhance your operational efficiency with Komatsu’s exclusive Smart Construction webinar series

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Are you ready to improve your decision-making and position your construction business for long term growth and success?

Tune in to our exclusive Smart Construction webinars to learn more about the comprehensive tools and capabilities that will help you go beyond streamlining individual construction projects and job sites to make a positive impact throughout your organization.

In this four-part series, you’ll deepen your understanding of Komatsu’s Smart Construction solutions and gain knowledge that will help you:

  • Optimize your operation
  • Enhance project management
  • Enable data-driven decision-making
  • Foster collaboration, efficiency and accuracy

Learn from industry leaders. Talk to technology experts. And get more familiar with the powerful, innovative strategies and tools that can help your business remain agile in a rapidly-evolving construction market.

Are you ready for the job site of the future?

See below for dates, times and what you can expect to learn during each session.

Webinar topics
Smart Construction webinar #1 graphic
Webinar 1 February 2, 2024 1-2pm CST

Boosting job site productivity

Details: Learn to integrate Intelligent Machine Control (IMC), 3D machine guidance and digital solutions to help elevate your job site efficiency. If you're just getting started with machine control and want to learn how you can maximize the value of machine control and GPS, this webinar is a must for you.
Intended audience: While anyone is welcome to attend this educational webinar, the content will be geared for company leadership, GPS Managers, Equipment Managers and Operations/Project Managers.

Smart Construction webinar #2 graphic
Webinar 2 February 16, 2024 1-2pm CST

Project planning and tracking with drones and as-built data

Details: Explore how drones, machine as-built data and job site visualization software can help enhance your planning and tracking capabilities, providing valuable production data insights. If you don't have an in-house drone pilot or you aren’t getting the value you want from your drone program today, you should join us for this class to learn more. Those who have a large fleet with IMC and Topcon aftermarket machine control will also find this webinar very beneficial.
Intended audience: While anyone is welcome to attend this educational webinar, the content will be directed toward Project Managers and GPS Managers.

Smart Construction webinar #3 graphic
Webinar 3 March 1, 2024 1-2pm CST

Data-driven progress tracking

Details: Master the collection of accurate, timely data for improved decision-making and seamless project progress tracking. If you want to get a better understanding of cost and production on your job sites, or if you have tons of data from the field but don’t know what to do with it, this webinar is built to help you along the way. Want to make better, faster decisions on your projects and improve communication between the field and office? Join us for this very helpful webinar to learn how.
Intended audience: The content will be geared for company leadership, Operations Managers and Project Managers.

Smart Construction webinar #4 graphic
Webinar 4 March 15, 2024 1-2pm CST

Project management excellence

Details: Learn best practices in managing projects effectively and bridging the gap between fieldwork and office operations. For those of you who only create a schedule when the owner or GC asks for it or if you often slip behind schedule or go over budget on your projects, you'll want to hear what our experts have to say. If you’re tired of tracking the paper trail of timecards, material receipts and inspections and want to do more with fewer people, check out this webinar.
Intended audience: The content here will be aimed at company leadership, Project Managers, Lead Superintendents/Foremen and Accounting/Admin Professionals.

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