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LINCS II control and monitoring system

Help your operators meet the challenges of demanding surface mining applications with the Komatsu LINCS II control and monitoring system. A user-friendly graphical format puts real-time feedback and vital machine statistics front and center, for more accurate and effective loading.

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You need your loading process to run smoothly, efficiently and safely. The LINCS II system can help you accomplish these goals and more. Real-time details, such as bucket height and angle, individual bucket payload, cumulative truck loads, elapsed loading cycle time, total tons moved, fuel level, coolant temp, etc., are presented to the operator via the user-configurable dash-mounted display, allowing performance to be made according to current conditions. An operator keypad enables immediate access to the following settings and functionality:

  • Alternate height setting
  • Return to dig target
  • Drive state (low, medium, high throttle)
  • Engine RPM setting (low, medium, high)
  • Manual lube
  • Alternate motor torque
  • Alternate motor speed
  • Integrated support software

LINCS II also helps you drive toward zero harm. For example, the system can prohibit the bucket from lifting loads that are beyond the safe loading weight.

The LINCS II system:

  • Controls loader functions
  • Monitors vital operating parameters and gives real-time feedback
  • Transmits data for remote collection
  • Offers live data and troubleshooting capability
  • Provides access to real-time information
  • Reinforces situational urgency levels using color-coded alarms, warnings and alerts

Integrated support software offers the following utilities:

  • Service tool: Transfers updates and restore points back to the equipment, when necessary
  • eLETROchart: Shows the current status and the performance history recorded by each sensor
  • Log viewer: Displays all load information, warnings, and alarms in log format
  • Remote monitoring: Allows comprehensive LINCS-related monitoring from a remote location
  • LINCS diagnostics: Shows detailed information about each logged alarm and warning

The LINCS II control system is compatible with the Komatsu PreVail remote health management system (RHM), enabling collected information to be transformed into actionable data, and displayed through:

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards
  • Graphical analysis tools
  • Predictive modeling and reporting tools

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