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Controls and drives

Centurion electrical control system

Komatsu Centurion electrical control system upgrades provide a multi-generational shovel control system platform developed with a total systems approach within shovel design limits.

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Your mine operation thrives on efficiency. That’s why the performance of your electric shovel is especially critical. Supercharge your analog shovel with the Komatsu Centurion electrical control system, designed to help you take several seconds off each dig cycle to increase your units moved per hour. The Centurion electrical control system promotes more efficient shovel performance with extended speed ranges in the hoist and crowd motions. While motions still have low-speed torque, they also have higher speeds in each direction. Hoist speeds are enhanced, while still maintaining high levels of bail pull through the bank. Crowd speeds are matched to the hoist during the dig cycle, so the crowd is in sync with the hoist with no delays. This is designed so that your operators can get through the bank, position over the truck and return to the tuck position in less time.

Standard features:

  • Advanced control loop safeguard with load calculator: Designed to enhances control of a fully loaded dipper throughout the load cycle
  • Automatic boom soft set-down: Designed to mitigates structural damage to pennant lines and boom during stage-two boom jacking
  • Cycle state engine: Measures and reports cycle time in real time (Dig T, Swing T, Tuck T)
  • DC digital drive: Replaces analog drive system with digital drives
  • Dynamic field weakening: Includes dynamic variable speed and torque
  • Extended speed range: Allows faster motor speed, as compared to analog system
  • OPC-compliant user interface: Provides enhanced data extraction
  • Opti-dig: Addresses unproductive stalling in the bank, lessening motor thermal overload
  • Remote hoist pennant: Allows remote operation of hoist drum during rope changes with exceptional control and line of sight.
  • RPC bank rotation: Rotates RPC banks and lessens the thermal loading on any one RPC bank
  • Soft line detection: Monitors drive power and enhances controls during soft line detection
  • Test modes with motivator mode: Mitigates troubleshooting and set-up time to motivate shovel

Additional options:

  • Advanced power monitoring: Provides power monitoring information in the user interface screen and transfers the data to the PreVail remote health management (RHM) system
  • ARC flash detection: Incorporates ARC flash protection to electrical cabinets
  • Motor upgrades: Provides enhanced thermal capabilities
  • Payload system with cycle state engine: Reports the dipper and haulage payload with the cycle time for more efficient loading
  • PreVail RHM system: Designed to enhances monitoring reliability and productivity of your shovel fleet
  • RPC advanced diagnostics: Provides troubleshooting and support for the RPC system
  • Track Shield: Provides dipper-to-crawler collision detection and avoidance to lessen the frequency and severity of impacts
  • Universal dispatch: Shares data between dispatch system and shovel control system for more efficient loading
  • Vibration monitoring: Provides integrated PreVail RHM system vibration monitoring

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