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Wallace Pork Systems maximizes productivity with large loads, fewer trips

1 min read / July 13, 2020 / Staff Writer

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Operator Joemer Peterson uses Wallace Pork System’s new Komatsu WA200-8 wheel loader at the Winamac, Ind., feed mill.

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DeWayne Doty, mill manager, Wallace Pork Systems Ltd

WA200 fits the tight space while offering the power the need

What began as a way to feed the company’s own livestock, soon developed into a revenue stream for Wallace Pork Systems Ltd. in Winamac, Indiana. “We felt there was growth potential with the mill,” recalled DeWayne Doty, Mill Manager. “So, a decade ago we made the decision to manufacture feed for others, and it’s been successful.”

Doty estimates that 90 percent of the 1,000 tons of feed that Wallace Pork Systems produces weekly is shipped to end users in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. “We supply customers in the pork, dairy and beef industries, in addition to our own livestock,” noted DeWayne.

A common adage within the heavy equipment industry is that the customer “buys” the first machine, while service, support and productivity of the machine “sells” the second. That certainly held true for Wallace Pork Systems. However, it took 38,000 hours and nine years to come to fruition thanks to the durability of the company’s first Komatsu WA200-6 wheel loader, purchased in 2010.

We are tight on space, and the WA200-8 is the perfect size. We’ve tried some larger ones, but the WA200 is just right because it handles the loads well, yet is small enough to maneuver around.

DeWayne Doty, mill manager Wallace Pork Systems Ltd

“We really liked the Komatsu WA200,” said DeWayne. “It was a great machine. We ran it 24 hours a day for a while, and it only needed a few minor fixes. It was still going 10 or 12 hours when we purchased a new one. Through the years, I bet 50 different operators ran our original loader.

“When we bought the first machine, service and parts availability were very important. We’ve called our distributor a few times in ‘911-emergency’ mode, and they’ve always come through.

“The hydrostatic transmission on the WA200-8 is perfectly suited for our work. It’s a solid machine,” DeWayne said. Wallace Pork Systems uses the WA200 to load and mix ingredients. Because the feed material is very light, the machine can use a bigger bucket, allowing for larger loads and fewer trips.

“We have purchased two machines in nine years, so I know we aren’t the biggest customer, but the service has been fantastic.”