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Smart Quarry

Let Smart Quarry consultants do the heavy mental lifting for you. With minimal impact to your day and operation, Smart Quarry will assess your job site and recommend the best fleet to meet your current and future production goals. Using expertise in digital solutions, Smart Quarry will connect you with the right tools to better understand, track and optimize your mobile equipment. Together, this results in a lower unit cost for improved bottom line.

Smart Quarry solutions

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With historic production visualizations and real-time overviews of machine movement and activity, you'll have more control of your operations at all times.

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Komatsu Smart Quarry consultants ensure you are selecting and running the right equipment while also identifying any other potential short-comings of the operation with the goal of finding the best way to meet your production targets.

Getting the most out of the fleet

If your current equipment is underachieving, look to Smart Quarry’s digital solutions to help your fleet deliver the ever-changing demands of your operation. Our job as consultants is to understand your quarry’s challenges and goals, and then connect you with the best digital solutions to help you get the most out of your equipment and operators.
Smart Quarry Site

Choosing the right fleet

Choosing the proper vehicles for your fleet is a significant step in meeting the unique needs of your quarry. That’s why our Smart Quarry team of expert application engineering consultants will help you assess all the challenging factors that can implement your budget so they can devise the right strategy for you, now and into the future.
Smart Quarry Study

Over the past several years we at TEC have worked closely with the Smart Quarry team. With their help, we have been able to provide valuable fleet and operational data to our aggregate customers. It has also allowed us to gain invaluable insight into our customers operations.

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What you can expect

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In-depth analysis

Identifying opportunities that lead to growth is critical for any business. Whether in-person or remote, our Smart Quarry application engineers will provide in-depth analysis and discuss with you the key factors (trends, technology, innovation, etc.) that will help you execute your operational objectives and drive progress.
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Put your data to good use

Your data is only valuable if you can understand it, share it and put it into actionable insights to make informed decisions. Smart Quarry consultants will use an assortment of tools to analyze your operation and discuss with you a clear strategy for using this data in ways that are unique to your company’s requirements.

Consulting with Smart Quarry experts can help you:

  • Minimize impact on production, with most visits taking half a day
  • Select the right-sized equipment based on production estimates
  • Configure cost per ton (or yard) of material moved
  • Procure data reports that are valuable, understandable and shareable
  • Find brand-agnostic solutions that serve your business needs
  • Improve on potential opportunities based on detailed site analysis

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