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Smart mining solutions

Loading and haulage

Loading and hauling are primary functions in the mining value chain. Under and overloading, under and over digging, excessive wait times, and slow cycle times can all impact the haulage cycle and negatively affect your production and profits.


To help mitigate these issues, we’ve partnered with our customers to engineer integrated mining solutions that promote more efficient truck/shovel matching, haul routes, shovel and truck payload metrics, and mine plan compliance. Real-time information is provided to equipment operators, helping customers achieve enhanced overall performance and reduced cost per tonne.

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Elevate your fleet management and promote operator efficiency to enhance the performance of your loading and haulage operations

When it comes to capitalizing on your investment and enhancing overall productivity, Komatsu’s loading and haulage solutions can help you do more with your existing resources. Our field-proven fleet management optimization algorithms promote:

  • Enhanced truck/shovel assignments
  • Efficient material movement and trucking capacity
  • Less unnecessary idling and lower related fuel costs
  • Short truck queues and shovel hang times
  • Reductions in truck re-spotting events
  • Enhanced production and equipment productivity
  • Automated blending at crushers and stockpiles


Enhanced payload accuracy

Replace manual recording procedures with automated payload management to minimize guesswork

Short spot times

Help truck operators find the right spot every time, without a hanging bucket or flag

Optimized haul cycles

Help prevent misdirected loads and shave time off your haul cycle by leveraging automated truck assignment algorithms and other advanced technologies
Loading and haulage solutions
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