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Here’s how to work with Komatsu to find the Smart Construction solutions that are right for you, your team and your business goals.

Machine-data interconnectivity

When site plans change, it can cost you major time (and time is money). The time to travel between the office and job site, and more time uploading design data manually. And when machine issues occur, your operators may be delayed for hours waiting for technical assistance that must be handled on site.
With Smart Construction Remote, you can remotely connect to machines equipped with intelligent Machine Control (iMC) to share data, such as site plans and machine health — in real time. You can also easily search all connected assets to log into a machine and see exactly what your operator is seeing.
  • Increased collaboration – staying connected and saving time can help you maximize operation across all steps of the job.
  • Save time not having to travel between the office and job site, transferring files to multiple machines.
  • Reduce your machine downtime while your operators continue working as job files and machine health and performance data are shared wirelessly.
  • When experts can log into the machine remotely to diagnose issues and plan efficient repairs, you’re not losing production time.
② Match needs to solutions
Find the Smart Construction solutions that will ease your pain points and drive your business goals.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, Smart Construction can help you.

  • You have trouble finding and retaining skilled workers
  • You do not analyze the utilization of your machines and workers
  • Workers waste time traveling between the office and job site
  • You could be more proactive planning, tracking and allocating materials
  • Your team could do more if manual tasks were automated
  • You could use help keeping up with job site activities and accurately tracking expenses
  • You know there are bottlenecks, you just need to find them and implement solutions
  • Better communication between office and field would improve performance
  • You would like to better manage change orders
  • You would like more accurate job site bids, including time, materials, profits
  • It's difficult tracking and comparing your progress against your plan
  • You would benefit from being more competitive in your bids
  • You want to be more confident in meeting your customers' expectations, especially in progress reports, budgets, quality of work and offering proactive ideas