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Smart Construction solutions


Bring 3D to most Komatsu conventional excavators, giving operators in the field and managers in the office access to 3D design and topography data that help drive accuracy, control load volumes and promote optimized operations. Are you having to stake your job site for a few legacy machines? We recognize that many fleets still have conventional excavators. Smart Construction Retrofit is an entry-level solution for bridging the gap.

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An easy, affordable way to update your fleet

Looking for an easy way to improve grading performance? By giving your operators access to 3D advantages, even those operating conventional machines, you can help drive improved fleet performance. Smart Construction Retrofit is a low-cost 3D guidance kit that’s easily installed through your local Komatsu distributor.

  • Quickly ensure operators have the latest design data
  • Effectively measure payload volume and load counts
  • Monitor production from the office

Features and benefits

Affordable technology upgrade

Lower the startup costs of bringing technology to your operations — or expanding it — with compact and modular kits that fit most sizes of Komatsu excavator models. ( other brands to be added in later phases)

Fast results

Drive rapid production improvements to every size of machine excavator with a bring-your-own devices configuration, easy-to-use 3D guidance features and payload monitoring.

3D guidance

No more setting up a laser or bench every time the machine moves. With global navigation satellite system (GNSS), a machine can determine where it is on the job site and what the target grade is.

Progress tracking

Monitor machine production from the office by integrating Smart Construction applications. Collect as-built and payload data.

Address labor shortages

Reduce the need for additional labor with technology that collects and delivers information directly to the operator, so fewer people can be working on the ground or in the open trench.

Drive improved material accuracy

Place material both effectively and quickly with reduced handling. Drive both productivity and profitability by providing operators with high-precision position data — and less time reworking material.

Payload monitoring

Promote proper loading weights for on- and off-road vehicles with a payload meter designed to help prevent overloaded trucks, which can reduce the potential for equipment damage and other risks.

Fix technology gaps

Have a mix of conventional machines and intelligent Machine Control (iMC) machines? With Smart Construction Retrofit you give equipment operators in the field and managers in the office access to 3D design and payload data – even with a fleet of both new and used Komatsu machines.

Expand the possibilities

Integrate multiple Smart Construction solutions that assist with off-site data management, real-time troubleshooting and more. You can continually use technology to leverage your fleet for more performance.
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Technology that works as hard as you do

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Improve accuracy on your job site with Smart Construction — a suite of tech solutions that helps you optimize your operations.
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Productivity is the key to success on your job site, and the faster your crew can reach a state of maximum productivity, the better. Now you have a powerful tool to help make that happen with Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC). Incorporating a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology, iMC gives you the opportunity to take advantage of sophisticated, productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design.

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