MVT-II 600

  • Capacity Up to 1 000 MTPH Up to 1,100 TPH
  • Standard Output Product Sizes 25/38/50 mm 1/1.5/2 in

Reduce fines and abrasive wear

Secondary sizers use matched velocity technology (MVT) to minimize fines. Timed center-sizing rolls enable teeth to mesh together and control product size in three dimensions. Shaft assemblies include cast wear segments with replaceable teeth for extended life.

  • Picks designed with long-lasting wear segments
  • Designed to reduce costs
  • Picks allow a harder mineral to be broken with the same force, when compared to compressive crushers

Features and benefits


Designed to improve profitability

Reduces the number of crushing/dump stations required and can work with very large lump sizes to increase crushing ratios.

Compact footprint

Sizer can be installed where other crushers would not fit and at a potentially lower cost. Ideal for mobile or underground applications with a small machine envelope. Secondary sizers often installed between conveyor transfer points to reconcile material handling issues.
Sizer Crusher_iXRS 600_close up rock.psd

Ability to crush wet, sticky materials

Meshing action of timed center sizing shaft scrubs wet sticky material off shafts. Unlike conventional side sizing designs that can only clean between rings of teeth on the shaft, these machines handle wet, sticky minerals more easily.
Crusher Sizer_HRX1000_M4A6562.psd

Engineered for low TCO

Minimize total cost of ownership with standard sizer accessories and controls, energy-efficient helical gear reducers, robust power transmission components, automatic lubrication system and extended life bimetallic wear components.
Crusher Sizer_HRX1000_M4A6894.psd

Minimize fines and wear

Minimize fines and wear with matched velocity technology (MVT) that aligns the tooth speed of the roll with the velocity of the mineral falling through the crusher.

Control and optimize product size

Timed shafts and oil gap adjustment enables control of product size to minimize transfer issues to chutes, transfer points and conveyor belts.
Crusher_MVT II_KO_DSC_0715.psd

Variable speed drives

Use of variable speed drives to minimize energy use, component wear and improved performance.
Sizer_IXRS 600_Taea_IMG_0434.psd

Bearing temperature and vibration monitoring

Sizers use smart machine technology to monitor components to predict maintenance requirements. Get ahead of servicing needs and minimize downtime.
Sizer Crusher_iXRS 600_pickstif.psd

Replaceable teeth 

Wear segments have replaceable teeth that allow customers to swap them out for renewed performance. Extends machine life and lowers costs compared to conventional “throwaway” designs.

Specifications for MVT-II 600

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US system Metric
Bauxite, phosphate, shale, coal, limestone, nickel, gold, copper, coke, borax, polyhalite, and gypsum
Bauxite, phosphate, shale, coal, limestone, nickel, gold, copper, coke, borax, polyhalite, and gypsum
Up to 1 000 MTPH
Up to 1,100 TPH
13 - 17 tonnes
14.3 - 18.7 tons
Roll spacing
600 mm
23.6 in
Feed size
≤ 250 mm
≤ 10 in
Standard output product sizes
25/38/50 mm
1/1.5/2 in
Roll length range
1 000 - 2 500 mm
39.4 - 98.4 in
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