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AGG1 Academy & Expo 2022

Leading industry experts gather to discuss solutions to issues facing the aggregates industry at AGG1 Academy & Expo. We're highlighting how we can help quarries maximize productivity and uptime with a single-source supply and integrated system.

Komatsu ZT44 blasthole drill in Arizona quarry

Komatsu at AGG1 highlights

Aggregate professionals from around the country gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, to attend the AGG1 Academy & Expo March 29-31, 2022. Take a look at the event that brought together experts to discuss where the future of the industry is headed.
Product, technology and service spotlights
Hear from our experts as they provide highlights on some of the latest offerings we featured on the show floor.

Increase hydraulic breaker life with proper maintenance

Hear some of the proper maintenance and use tips that help keep your breaker in optimal performance condition.

Which breaker is right for your job?

See how the right breaker can make or ‘break’ your job.

Sizers and feeder breakers for aggregate crushing

Learn about the advantages and limitations of using sizers and feeder breakers for crushing in an aggregate application.

Finding the right pass match for your loader

To get the greatest efficiencies from your pit loaders, there are a number of questions you need to take into consideration.

Pit loaders that promote productivity while saving on fuel

See how our latest offerings of the WA800 and WA900 were updated to offer increased productivity while helping to save on fuel.

Improve your haulage efficiencies and your bottom line

Hear how we can work with you to match loading tools with trucks, fleets to production goals and more to unlock efficiencies.

Case Study: Pass-match analysis for quarry loading

Using the right match of loading tools and trucks can boost productivity. Hear about an example of our quarry consulting, where different loading tool options where evaluated using advanced pass-match analysis.

Choosing a reclaim feeder for your aggregate operation

Reclaim feeders are a versatile tool for aggregate mining — learn how they can help you manage costs and complexity.

WA475-10: Designed from customer feedback

See how a large-scale customer feedback process shaped the design process, for a wheel loader that helps eliminate operator pain points.

High production arrangements - yard loaders

Stay productive, adaptable and efficient with Komatsu yard loader arrangement, offered on several of our wheel loader models.

More than a drill

See how developing customer relationships can become the true differentiator when building a trusted partnership.

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