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MINEXCHANGE 2022 SME Annual Conference & Expo

Mining professionals from around the world learn about the latest advances in mining innovation. Through presentations, displays and various event, at SME we highlight how we are partnering with customers to deliver scalable, sustainable solutions that prioritize safety and optimize mining operations.

Event highlights

Mining for the future: A recap

Mining professionals from around the world gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah, to attend the MINEXCHANGE 2022 SME Annual Conference & EXPO February 27-March 2, 2022. Take a look at the event that brought together experts to discuss where the future of mining is headed.

The next gen of mining

The MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO provides an opportunity for students to network, learn and get inspired for the future of mining. With design competitions, presentations and forums, they can showcase their work and learn from their peers and industry experts.

Move Mining season 6

Move Mining is an annual competition that challenges student teams to create projects aimed at changing the public perception of mining. Each year, five finalist teams present their concepts live at the MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & EXPO, with the winning team receiving $5,000. 2022 marks the fifth year in a row that Komatsu has served as Move Mining’s primary sponsor.

Product, technology and service spotlights
Hear from our experts as they provide highlights on some of the latest offerings we featured on the show floor.

Crucial element to underground automation: Partnership

Why mines are going autonomous in haulage

Designing for operator comfort

Why an electric rope shovel?

All together. Connect. Collect. Monitor. Analyze. Track. Review.

Reimagine your drilling and bolting fleet

Versatility for your mine: Ultra-class wheel loaders

Data mining your machines

Automation: How to amplify what a single person can do

Making smarter, faster equipment decisions with apps

Beyond production: Optimizing processes to impact the entire operation

Making a career in mining

MINEXCHANGE SME presentations

Automation: A journey to underground improvement

The future off-highway haul truck: Balancing charging and productivity

Total systems approach - Optimized high productivity mining system for future mine design

21st century fleet studies and solutions: Mobile apps

Trucks on trolley: Is more always better?

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