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Hear from our experts as they provide highlights on some of the latest offerings we featured on the show floor.

Komatsu sustainable loading

Energy use and management: lithium-ion technology

Komatsu hard rock drilling and bolting

Komatsu soft rock advancements and automation

Mechanical cutting in hard rock (MC51)

Data and technology advancements across the value chain

Intellimine Synergy open technology

The future of haulage: latest developments

Product, technology and service spotlights

Komatsu PC5500-11 hydraulic excavator

P&H 4800XPC electric rope shovel

P&H 2650CX hybrid shovel

Komatsu crushing and sizing solutions

Komatsu ZR122 blasthole drill

Komatsu WX07 LHD

Komatsu underground hard rock solutions

Komatsu D475A-8 mining dozer

Training solutions from Immersive Technologies

Komatsu mining training programs

Komatsu surface mining aftermarket and service

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