Longwall mining equipment

Joy-engineered powered roof support (PRS) solutions

  • Support rating Up to 1 814 metric tonnes Up to 1,929 short tons
  • Support widths 1.5, 1.7, 2.0 m or more 4.9, 5.7, and 6.7 ft. (1.5, 1.7, 2.0 m or more)
  • Operating heights .8 - 7.8 m 2.6 - 25.6 ft.

Collaboration for seamless integration and advanced automation

Productive longwall working environments require a powerful combination of mining operations and specialized expertise. When you choose a Joy-engineered PRS solution, our team works closely with you to tailor the design to meet your needs and applications. We’ll then work with your preferred manufacturing partner and collaborate with your selected vendors through installation, integration and operation.

  • Confidence of design with 75 years of longwall powered roof support experience 
  • Designed for individual applications, 15,000 to 90,000+ cycle longevity 
  • Productivity and safety benefits of available 100% face automation 

Features and benefits

Comprehensive design engineering services

Our top priority is developing a custom-designed and complete solution that helps you mine more efficiently and drive toward zero harm. We work directly with you to meet your needs with an extensive range of powered roof support design, engineering and technical support services.
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Technical expertise

Deep experience in longwall mining, the latest industry innovations, and world-class technology all add up to technical expertise that produce results.

Structures designed for reliability

Joy-engineered structures are recognized throughout the mining industry and provide reliable service with a low cost of ownership and fewer rebuilds during their service life.
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High-performance cylinders

Higher life-cycle results in lower ownership costs. An intelligent design features an innovative leg feed locking system with no transverse welds and bespoke leg seals. Single, and double telescopic designs and various leg bore sizes are available. smart
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Effective hydraulics

Roof supports keep pace with shearer cutting for excellent productivity and fast cycle times. The Joy Compak Next Gen has a faster cycle time than its predecessor and is 5-38% quicker than other similar market control valves.
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Advanced automation for productivity, protection

Add next-level automation with a Joy Faceboss RS20s control system integrated with your longwall and mine-wide system. Automatic shearer and roof support gate turn rounds. Drive toward an autonomous face with our next generation RS20n control system and it’s1 GB/s ethernet high-speed communications backbone.
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Proximity detection to drive toward zero harm

The proximity system can prevent the movement of an advancing shield if an object is detected. Full integration into the Faceboss Control System eliminates the need for additional fixed components.

Enhanced geometry control

This feature delivers an added level of control, automation, and drive to zero harm with anti-collision, cavity detection and unplanned movement systems.

Cameras for continuous monitoring

Observe operations with video monitoring of your entire longwall operation. Rugged cameras provide real-time video and complements Joy’s high-fidelity 3D visualization system.
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Direct service support for more uptime

Get back up and running quickly when you need service, maintenance or parts. We’ll work closely with your teams to expedite turnaround of repairs and rebuilds. Our service and parts centers are typically located near longwall operations.
Powered roof support undergoing test in Komatsu facility

Extensive testing capabilities

Comprehensive OE and extended life tests on all structural, hydraulic and control components are customized or specified to international standards. All new structural fabrications undergo detailed finite element analysis (FEA) with full engineering support throughout the process.

Aftermarket engineering services

Improve uptime and extend the life of your core assets. Extended life testing, lifecycle management (LCM) plans, valve gear health monitoring and support reconfiguration can be tailored to your individual needs and budget.
Support you can count on

Technology that works as hard as you do

Faster, more informed decisions about your mining operations can drive productivity. The Joy Faceboss RS20n longwall control monitoring system makes that possible by helping you unlock the benefits of automation and intelligent controls. It enables the connection of intelligent devices, sensors and technologies to the mine’s network to support high levels of longwall automation.

Global Dual Solenoid

Unlock the power of automation for the journey to zero harm and increased productivity with the global dual solenoid valve for powered roof supports. Its serial connectivity enables a distributed system for fast response. Can be used with any PRS system; common control with shearer and AFC advances Komatsu remote operation capabilities.

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Joy Compak Next Gen with Extension

To help realize the potential of your longwall mining operations, the Joy Compak Next Gen helps facilitate your shearer cutting rate and delivers exceptional cycle time performance.

Quick Benefits:

  • High performance valve technology helps improve cycle times by up to 12%*
  • Overall size is reduced by up to 27%** and weight by up to 30%** for improved ergonomics and simplified maintenance
  • Custom-designed spool technology for reliability and longevity
  • Expandable through modular design incorporating standardized components

*Comparison based on previous model

**Comparison based on previous model (like-for-like designs) without extra add-ons


Longwall sensors

The improved consistency and elimination of virtually all alignment shears can increase production up to 10%.* Inertia navigation system in shearer measures the straightness of the longwall and the Faceboss system uses that data to make path corrections.

*Based on internal testing vs. longwall without feature

Automation is becoming a larger part of the longwall mining process; operators are moving farther from the face and its associated safety concerns. Newer technologies, including powered roof supports (PRS) automation, advanced shearer automation (ASA) and personal proximity detection systems are designed to make mines more efficient while enhancing worker safety.

This system advances the journey to zero harm by preventing movement of an advancing shield if the system detects a worker in harm’s way. Full integration into the Faceboss Control System eliminates the need for additional components.

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