iXRS 600

  • Capacity Up to 800 MTPH Up to 882 TPH
  • Standard Output Product Sizes 150/200 mm 6/8 in

Wear-resistant pick technology

Primary sizers use wear-resistant pick technology developed from shearers, continuous miners and more than 3,500 feeder breakers. Several pick designs available to match your application — hard, abrasive or sticky. Control product sizing with adjustable, removable breaker bars and pick selection.

  • Wear parts designed for long life
  • Versatility for multiple applications
  • Crushes oversize but lets undersize material pass thru reducing fines generation

Features and benefits

Sizer Crusher_iXRS 600_close up rock.psd

High capacity

High-capacity sizers reduce the number of crushing or dump stations required. Sizers can work with very large lump sizes to increase crushing ratios.
Komatsu Crushing Sizer MVTII  in mining site

Reduce costs

To lower install costs, sizers can be installed where other crushers would not fit. Ideal for mobile or underground applications with a small machine envelope.
Komatsu Crushing Sizer iXRS side wet

Ability to crush wet, sticky materials

Cleaners in the frame effectively scrape off material accumulation. Sizers work well with wet and sticky materials to include clay, marl and tunnel spoil.
Komatsu Crushing Sizer HRX1000 in mining site

Efficient and cost-effective

Cost-effective design includes energy-efficient helical gear reducers, robust power transmission components, automatic lubrication system, extended life one- and two-piece picks. Smart machine technology to monitor operation and predict maintenance requirements.
Komatsu Crushing Sizer iXRS in mining site

Minimizes water and dust ingression 

Many sites use water spray in the sizer to suppress dust and wash the mineral being crushed. Our sizers incorporate an outboard bearing design with a custom seal arrangement to minimize water and dust ingress.
Crushing_Sizers_varietyofdesign_Segment Close Up.psd

Variety of pick designs

Choose from pick designs for hard, abrasive and sticky applications developed from experience with building thousands of feeder breakers, continuous miners and shearers.
Komatsu Crushing Sizer iXRS pickstif

Replaceable picks

Sizer shafts have replaceable picks that allow you to renew them compared to disposable competitive offerings.
Komatsu Crushing Sizer iXRS side rock

Control product size

Secondary MVT-II Sizers have different wear segments to make different product sizes. One machine can make different product sizes by changing wear segments.
Komatsu Crushing Sizer iXRS in mining site

Instrumentation to increase reliability

Bearing temperature and vibration is monitored. Locked rotor detection alarms notify the operator to help minimize damage from tramp metal.

Specifications for iXRS 600

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US system Metric
Tunnel Spoil and Industrial Minerals
Tunnel Spoil and Industrial Minerals
Up to 800 MTPH
Up to 882 TPH
7 - 9 tonnes
7.7 - 9.9 tons
Roll spacing
600 mm
23.6 in
Feed size
≤ 800 mm
≤ 31.5 in
Standard output product sizes
150/200 mm
6/8 in
Roll length range
1 000 - 1 500 mm
39.4 - 59 in

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