Joy 14BU27 Loader

  • Tonnes per minute Up to 36.0 mt/min Up to 39.7 TPM
  • Seam height 106.7 cm 42 in
  • Weight base machine 31 615 kg 69,700 lbs.

Add valuable flexibility and utility to your fleet

Promote productivity in your mining operation in multiple ways with the 14BU27 loader. Store material in the loader until the shuttle car returns to help reduce batch haulage delays, while adding roof bolting capability can help speed up your operation.

  • Can reduce batch haulage delays
  • Provides clean up and loading capabilities
  • Option to add bolting capabilities

Features and benefits

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Gather material quickly

Your operators can clear work areas quickly, or temporarily house face material fast with the 14BU27 loader’s high output dual 38-in.-wide centrifugal loading arms. Gathering arm styles are also available.

Help improve employee work conditions

Help keep noise to a minimum for your operators with the SmartConveyor package. It includes a patented dual-sprocket conveyor chain, quiet tail, and a hydraulic tensioning system, plus a pump/tank, bumper and controller case isolators.

Excellent operator visibility

Help your operators work better with optional on-board cameras that deliver outstanding visibility. Images display on a monitor inside the cab from cameras trained on the gathering head and the trailing cable during tramming.

Add bolting rig flexibility

Waiting for roof bolting can slow down your operation. Add capacity with the 14BU27 loader’s optional full bolting rig. It includes automated temporary roof support system, full bolter canopy and a Joy HGX 210 drill with 500-600 rpm rotation.
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Help keep costs low with AC drive

Don’t worry about the noise, exhaust and wear of a diesel drive with the 14BU27. It features an OptiDrive AC system — brushless AC traction motors coupled to a compact, all-gear transmission — designed to perform even in demanding applications.
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Reduce TCO if you use Joy CMs

If Joy 14CM Continuous Miners are part of your fleet, you can potentially stock fewer replacement parts and leverage your existing maintenance knowledge to help save both time and money: the 14BU27 loaders share a platform and many of the same parts.

Specifications for 14BU27

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US system Metric
Basic chassis height
1 067 mm
42 in
Seam height
1 651 mm (minimum)
65 in (minimum)
Up to 36.0 mt/min
Up to 39.7 TPM
Ground clearance
203 mm
8 in
Flex. sideboards
203 mm high
8 in high
Weight of base machine
29 500 kg (approximate)
65,100 lbs. (approximate)
Weight with bolter option
33 600 kg
74,000 lbs.
Gathering head motors
2 @ 40 kW
2 @ 54 HP
AC traction motors
2 @ 45 kW
2 @ 60 HP
Pump motor
1 @ 30 kW
1 @ 40 HP
Installed power
200 kW
268 HP
Hydraulic oil tank capacity
Main tank  95 L
Chassis cooler 38 L
Gathering head cooler 106 L
Total capacity 239 L
Main tank  25 gal
Chassis cooler 10 gal
Gathering head cooler 28 gal
Total capacity 63 gal
Cooling system
  • Air-cooled motors
  • Thermo-syphon cooled controller
  • Air-cooled motors
  • Thermo-syphon cooled controller
Crawler chain
508 mm wide by 178 mm pitch
20 in wide by 7 in pitch
Recommended trailing cable
244 m length - size #2
267 yd length - size #2
Support you can count on

Technology that works as hard as you do

Joy OptiDrive
Patented Joy OptiDrive AC system integrates software with the electronic and mechanical systems to provide a durable, maneuverable machine. 
Cameras mounted on an underground shuttle car
Operators can perform more quickly and safely when they can easily see what’s in front of and behind the hauler. Optional forward and rearward FLIR cameras, mated to monitors in operator compartment, help operators be sure of their surroundings.

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