Technical and field services

We offer factory-trained service technicians and skilled tradespeople to maintain and repair your equipment 24/7, 365 days a year.


These regional service teams are regularly trained on the latest technologies and procedures and are frequently recertified in order to maintain the highest possible proficiency standards.

A properly managed and executed training and maintenance plan is critical to meeting your goals for productivity, availability, and lowest cost of ownership.

We help you develop and manage your technical and field service strategies, based on your unique needs.

When we partner with you, we can effectively scope, plan, and schedule training and service events that minimize the impact on productivity and maximize your operational effectiveness.

Product training
Maintenance manuals
Dragline services
Service centres / Field services

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At Komatsu, you get the products, resources, and tools you need — as quickly as you need them. Because our top priority is your machine's dependability.

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