Dantotsu Products Take Komatsu to the Absolute Top

The Dantotsu Strategy, launched in 2003, concentrates company resources on overwhelmingly differentiating specific features of Komatsu products. Dantotsu products (unrivaled products) are a designation used only for machines considered vastly superior to competitors’ products. Furthermore, it is this selectivity that ensures Dantotsu is synonymous with dramatically enhanced commercial value. Below is a brief description of Komatsu’s current flagship Dantotsu products.

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• MR-2 Series Tight-Tail-Swing Mini Hydraulic Excavators
• PC400 GALEO Series Hydraulic Excavators
• D475A-5 Bulldozer

PC35MR-2 with ROPS and Top Guard canopy

ROPS and Top Guard cab
MR-2 Series Tight-Tail-Swing Mini Hydraulic Excavators
The first models with unrivaled features are new tight-tail-swing mini hydraulic excavators in the GALEO MR-2 Series (PC30MR-2, PC35MR-2, PC40MR-2, PC50MR-2). The MR-2 Series pushes the envelope of safety, maintainability and operator comfort while also enhancing working performance.

This series’ Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and the Top Guard greatly contributes to safety. ROPS protects the operator from injury in the event of a rollover (assuming that they have fastened their safety belt), while the Top Guard protects the operator from injury due to falling debris. For added safety, a single safety lever enables the machine controls to lock while allowing the engine to start up only when the safety lever is in the “LOCK” position.

The MR-2 Series provides larger foot space and wider walk-through space for easier entry and exit from the machine. Moreover, a newly adopted large reclining seat allows the operator to select the optimum work posture for comfortable operation.

This series allows easy access to hydraulic compartments and other components for easy maintenance. Also, a new high-strength X-track frame deters mud and debris build-up, saving valuable time when cleaning the machine.

Major Specifications (ROPS Canopy, Rubber Shoe)
Item PC30MR-2 PC35MR-2 PC40MR-2 PC50MR-2
Operating Weight 3,180 kg
(7,010 lb)
3,740 kg
(8,245 lb)
4,790 kg
(10,560 lb)
5,040 kg
(11,110 lb)
Flywheel Horsepower 20.6 kW
(27.6 HP)
@ 2,500 rpm
21.7 kW
(29.1 HP)
@ 2,400 rpm
29.4 kW
(39.4 HP)
@ 2,350 rpm
29.4 kW
(39.4 HP)
@ 2,350 rpm
Std. Bucket Capacity
(SAE heaped)
0.09 m3
(0.12 yd3)
0.11 m3
(0.14 yd3)
0.14 m3
(0.18 yd3)
0.16 m3
(0.21 yd3)

Cab space has expanded 14%.
PC400 GALEO Series Hydraulic Excavators
Classified as PC400 GALEO Series (PC400, PC400LC, PC450, PC450LC) large-size hydraulic excavators, these models are expected to play a significant role particularly in heavy-duty and quarry operations, civil works and building demolition.

These models ensure enhanced operating performance in such basic features as digging force, working speed and machine stability. Komatsu’s own make engine realizes high power and a low fuel consumption ratio at the same time for greater productivity. The “Active Mode” for large production, even in the work of heavy loads, increases productivity per fuel consumed by as much as 20% as compared with the previous equivalent models. In “Eco-Mode” for light-duty applications, the machines switch to a lower fuel consumption setting that also ensures a 20% increase in productivity per fuel consumed versus previous equivalent models. The “one-touch power maximizing” function delivers one of the highest levels of digging force for arms and buckets in the industry.

Cab space has expanded 14% compared with previous models. Additionally, a damper mount ensures ultra-low machine vibration, plus a better sealed compartment drastically shuts out external noise.
Major Specifications
Item PC400 PC450
Operating Weight 41,400 - 42,250 kg
(91,270 - 93,140 lb)
43,000 - 43,420 kg
(94,800 - 95,720 lb)
Flywheel Horsepower 246 kW (330 HP) @ 1,850 rpm
Std. Bucket Capacity
(SAE heaped)
1.9 m3 (2.49 yd3)

Better sealed cab compartment
D475A-5 Bulldozer
The third unrivaled product realizing superior tranquility is the D475A-5 GALEO bulldozer, which specializes chiefly in mining, heavy-duty and large-scale civil works.

A hydraulically driven radiator-cooling fan has been installed to assure the optimum rpm while drastically reducing noise. Moreover, since the cab compartment is better sealed, noise levels have dropped by as much as 10dB(A) to 70dB(A), which equals that of a passenger car moving at high speed.

The Palm Command Control System (PCCS) enables flexible machine operations using ergonomically designed travel and work equipment levers that deliver ultimate handling comfort and absolute machine control.

For improved performance and efficiency, the electronically controlled transmission is equipped with a gear speed preset that ensures higher working efficiency in repetitive return travel while saving the operator from the time and work required for travel speed changes.

A novel Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS) is now part of the standard machine specifications. It monitors and controls the machine’s operating conditions as well as major components’ functioning conditions (temperature, pressure, rpm, etc.), and helps minimize a machine’s downtime due to periodic or ad-hoc maintenance work, thereby contributing to improved working efficiency and extended life of various machine parts.
Major Specifications
Item D475A-5
Operating Weight 102,500 kg (226,010 lb)
Flywheel Horsepower 641 kW (860 HP) @ 2,000 rpm
Blade Capacity (SAE)
27.2 m3 (35.6 yd3)
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• Product specifications are subject to change without notice.