Dealer Locator(Forklift Truck) Europe

Belgium, France,, Netherlands, Luxemburg

Name Matermaco S.A.
Address Z.I.De Sauveniere, Rue Des Praules 3A, B-5030 Gembloux, Belgium
Phone +32(0)81 62 75 00
Fax +32(0)81 62 75 10
E-mail deleener@matermaco.be
URL http://www.matermaco.be


Name Windsor Engineering (Hull) Ltd.
Address 8 Beacon Way, Hull HU3 4AE, United Kingdom
Phone 01482 329996
Fax 01482 229942
E-mail sales@windsor-mh.co.uk
URL http://www.windsor-mh.co.uk

The Komatsu product range is one of the largest in the world. We have a policy that Komatsu should supply the most appropriate models to your area. Therefore, please contact your local distributors or local subsidiaries in regard to which models are available in your area.
If not listed of the corresponding area, please contact us.