Komatsu Technical Report

Vol.62 No.169    Published on Mar 27, 2017

Foreword Creation of Needs and Faith in Technologies Hidetaka Kita iconpdf  171kb
Technical Papers The generation mechanism of blisters formed on oil seals for construction machinery iconpdf  2,545kb
KOM-MICS, a "Tsunagaruka" System for Production Sites iconpdf  2,567kb
Highly Anticorrosive Cylinder Rods by using the HVOF Thermal Spraying Method iconpdf  894kb
Development of Φ170 Engines Conforming to Tier 4 Final Emmissions Regulations iconpdf  2,267kb
Short wavelength light source for semiconductor manufacturing:
Challenge from excimer laser to LPP-EUV light source
iconpdf  3,010kb
Introduction of Products Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator HB335-3/HB365-3 iconpdf  2,367kb
Rigid Dump Truck HD465/605-8 and HD325/405-8 iconpdf  2,022kb
Compact Excavator PC30UU/30UUC-6 iconpdf  2,724kb
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Vol.61 No.168    Published on Mar 25, 2016

Foreword Old Man's Holiday    Jun Oshima iconpdf  145kb
Technical Papers Construction jobsites of the future developed by construction equipment manufacturer in centering intelligent Machine Control equipment
iconpdf  1,384kb
Life Improvement of Floating Seal iconpdf  1.390kb
Trend of 3D Measurement Technology and Its Application iconpdf  2,711kb
Introduction of Products Introduction of Motor Grader GD655 and 675-6 iconpdf  3,240kb
Introduction of Large-size Wheel Loader WA600-8 iconpdf  2,835kb
Introduction of Compact-size Wheel Loaders WA40-8 and WA50-8 iconpdf  1,584kb
Introduction of Hydraulic Excavators PC138US-11 and PC128US-11 iconpdf  5,109kb
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Vol.60 No.167    Published on Mar 27, 2015

Foreword Shikinenn Sengu, 'vicennial rebuilding' of technology    Yuuichi Iwamoto iconpdf  178kb
Technical Papers Development of PC210LCi-10/PC200i-10 Machine Control Hydraulic Excavator iconpdf  3,362kb
Compliance with Tier 4 Final Emissions Regulations Development of 125 mm and 140 mm Bore Engines iconpdf  2,730kb
Development of Manufacturing Technology for Nitriding Processes Using Nitriding Potential Control iconpdf  2,836kb
Study of Thermal Stress Durability Evaluation for Thermoelectric Module Using Quality Engineering iconpdf  852kb
Introduction of Products Introduction of Hydraulic Excavator PC240LC-11 iconpdf  4,807kb
Introduction of Bulldozers D155AX-8/AXi-8 iconpdf  3,981kb
Introduction of Bulldozers D85EX/PX-18 iconpdf  6,245kb
Hydro Static Transmission Forklift Models FH60-1, FH70-1, and FH80-1 iconpdf  1,750kb
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Vol.59 No.166    Published on Mar 28, 2014

Foreword The Challenge for ICT Engineers    Ichiro Nakano iconpdf  160kb
Technical Papers Development of optimal tooth flank in spiral bevel gears by contact analysis and measurement iconpdf  3,998kb
Development of D61EXi/PXi-23 Bulldozer with automatic control system of work equipment iconpdf  2,428kb
Assessment of Effects of Surface Roughness and Oil Viscosity on Friction Coefficient under Lubricated Rolling-sliding Conditions iconpdf  2,044kb
Development of Light Sources for Lithography at Present and for the Future iconpdf  1,816kb
Introduction of Products Introducing the HB335/HB365-1 Hybrid Hydraulic Excavators iconpdf  6,053kb
Introduction of Hydraulic Excavator PC138US/PC128US-10 iconpdf  6,317kb
Introduction of Small-Size Wheel Loaders WA270-7 and WA320-7 iconpdf  2,544kb
Introduction of New Electric Forklift Truck Model FE25-1 iconpdf  3,948kb
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Vol.58 No.165    Published on Mar 22, 2013

Foreword Thoughts on innovation    Kikuo Ejima iconpdf  82kb
Technical Papers Operating Rate Monitoring System for Welding Robots iconpdf  1,200kb
Applications of Occupant Safety Analysis using MADYMO iconpdf  1,520kb
Development of Chlorine free Hose for Construction Machinery to Raise Recyclability Rate iconpdf  2,330kb
Development of Equipment Performance Visualization Techniques Based on Distinct Element Method (DEM) iconpdf  925kb
Introduction of Construction Machine EMC Test Facility iconpdf  1,560kb
Introduction of Products Introduction of Hydrostatic Transmission Forklift Model FH40-1/FH45-1/FH50-1 iconpdf  1,550kb
Introduction of Bulldozer D155AX-7 iconpdf  864kb
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Vol.57 No.164    Published on Mar 14, 2012

Foreword Toward Higher Level of Motor Operation in Construction Machinery    Nobuhisa Kamikawa iconpdf  103kb
Technical Papers Development of PLUS (Parallel Link Undercarriage System) iconpdf  1,560kb
Hydraulic cylinder for Tier4 iconpdf  439kb
Optimization of Casting Shapes iconpdf  355kb
Development of φ125 andφ140 Engines Meeting Tier4 Interim Regulation iconpdf  1,250kb
Recovery of Plant Waste Heat by a Thermoelectric Generating System iconpdf  783kb
Introduction of Products Introduction of Medium Size Wheel Loader WA380-7 iconpdf  1,120kb
Hydraulic Excavator Model PC300-10 iconpdf  930kb
Introduction of HM300/400-3 iconpdf  619kb
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Vol.56 No.163    Published on Feb 12, 2011

Foreword Revolution in Manufacturing    Kazunori Kuromoto iconpdf  138kb
Technical Papers Application of ICT to Construction Machinery iconpdf  1,420kb
Development of Parts Recycling Technology iconpdf  866kb
Introduction of Products Introduction of PC228US-8 Hydraulic Excavators iconpdf  2,650kb
Introduction of Large-sized Wheel Loader WA1200-6 iconpdf  3,570kb
Small-sized Wheel Loader WA100-6/WA150-6 Introduction of Product iconpdf  1,280kb
Introduction of Komatsu Genuine Hydraulic Oil KOMHYDRO HE iconpdf  1,840kb
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Vol.55 No.162    Published on Dec 25, 2009

Foreword Technical Evolution and Dreams    Kazuhiko Iwata iconpdf  263kb
Technical Papers Research and Development of Technology for Use of Trivalent Chromating as Substitution Aimed at Abolition of Hexavalent Chromium iconpdf  5432kb
High-Efficiency Weld Robot iconpdf  1816kb
Introduction of Products Medium sized Bulldozer D65EX/PX/WX-16 iconpdf  2501kb
New Motor Grader Models GD555/655/675-5 iconpdf  1682kb
Wheel Dozer Model WD600-6 iconpdf  1323kb
Development of CLSS System for 4t-class Engine Type Forklift iconpdf  1297kb
Turning & Broaching Machine Model GPR250B-2 iconpdf  2397kb
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Vol.54 No.161    Published on Mar 27, 2009

Foreword Continuous Refinement of Technology and Innovation    Tetsuji Ohashi iconpdf  162kb
Technical Papers Non-contact Wafer Temperature Measurement Method with UV Light iconpdf  872kb
Production Technology of ROPS Cab iconpdf  2416kb
Temperature Control of Semiconductor Processing Machine iconpdf  1203kb
Introduction of Products PC200-8 Hybrid Hydraulic Excavators iconpdf  2235kb
HM250-2 iconpdf  1401kb
Compact Excavator PC56-7 iconpdf  2823kb
High-speed Linear Servo-press-line (HLS) Product iconpdf  1757kb
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Vol.53 No.160    Published on Feb 29,2008

Foreword Environmental Strategy    Yoshisada Takahashi iconpdf  192kb
Technical Papers Reduction Activity of Mounting and Assembly Trouble by Utilizing 3D Model Data iconpdf  1507kb
Development of 4D95 Engine Series Meeting Tier3 iconpdf  1326kb
Investigation of Air Flow passing through Louvers iconpdf  1810kb
Introduction of Products Mobile Crusher BR580JG-1 iconpdf  1852b
Compact Wheel Loaders WA200-6,WA270-6 and WA320-6 iconpdf  1130kb
PC27/30/35MR-3 iconpdf  1791kb

Vol.53 No.159    Published on Sep 28,2007

Foreword Concept of Next Generation Product    Fujitoshi Takamura iconpdf  204kb
Technical Papers Research and Development of Ring Fan iconpdf  2840kb
Application of Partial Diameter Enlargement Technology (JIKUHIDAI) to Gear Shaft iconpdf  1990kb
High performance parallel computing for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - Second Report iconpdf  1283kb
Introduction of Products Development of D85MS-15 Demining Dozer iconpdf  5864kb
Electric-powered Forklift Truck "New ARION" Series iconpdf  3606kb
AC Servo Press H1F Series Machines (High-speed Version of Dedicated Servo Press Controller SIT) iconpdf  4341kb
Crankshaft Miller Model GPM170F-5 iconpdf  2419kb
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Vol.52 No.158    Published on Feb 23, 2007

Foreword Reinforcement of "Manufacturing" Competitiveness    Ichiro Sasaki iconpdf  188kb
Technical Papers Introducing a Simulation of a Cab Protecting Operator during the Rolling over of a Hydraulic Excavator iconpdf  658kb
High Strength and Compactness of Gears by WHSP(Double Hard Shot Peening) Technology iconpdf  2216kb
Fewer Sand Inclusion Defects by CAE iconpdf  3163kb
Develpoment of ecot3 for Tier3 engine (2) iconpdf  1499kb
Introduction of Products Large Hydraulic Excavator PC2000-8 iconpdf  827kb
PC138US and PC128US-8 Hydraulic Excavators iconpdf  3072kb
Dump Truck Model HD785-7 iconpdf  1224kb
Twister Machine for Groove Cutting iconpdf  2839kb
Wafer Surface Grinding Machine Model GCG300 iconpdf  1209kb

Vol.52 No.157    Published on Sep 25,2006

Foreword The Moon is Looking    Nobuki Hasegawa iconpdf  325kb
Technical Papers Jig Rigidity Evaluation Technology by Vibration Analysys iconpdf  1171kb
Development of Tier3 Engine ecot3 iconpdf  938kb
Introduction of Products Large Wheel Loader WA600-6 iconpdf  1498kb
Large Wheel Loader WA500-6 iconpdf  1452kb
Medium Size Wheel Loader WA380-6 iconpdf  2689kb
PC18MR-2 iconpdf  2441kb
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Vol.51 No.156 Published on Feb 28,2006

Foreword Enhancement of Technical Capability    Yasuki Satou iconpdf  256kb
Technical Papers Research and Development of Low-noise Bucket for Construction Machinery iconpdf  1215kb
High performance parallel computing for Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) iconpdf  1265kb
Introduction of Products Hydraulic Excavator PC200-8 iconpdf  3987kb
D155AX-6 GALEO Series Large-Sized Crawler Dozer iconpdf  1334kb
Articulated Dump Trucks HM300/350/400-2 iconpdf  1320kb

Vol.51 No.155    Published on Nov 15,2005

Foreword Sharing of Dreams and Collaboration for Completion    Tetsuya Nakayama iconpdf  235kb
Technical Papers Construction of Heat Treatment Database and Enhancement of Simulation Technique iconpdf  2256kb
Development of Hybrid Start Brush Cutter iconpdf  1169kb
Introduction of Products Off-line Teaching System "TCHMORE" iconpdf  777kb
Twister Hybrid THB Series iconpdf  1070kb
Engine Powered Forklift Truck 1- to 3.5-ton Series "LEO NXT-V" iconpdf  2838kb
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Vol.50 No.154    Published on March 18,2005

Foreword Making a Fresh Resolve at the Beginning of 2005    Nobukazu Kotake iconpdf  30kb
Technical Papers Prediction of Torque Converter Characteristics by Fluid Flow Simulation iconpdf  471kb
Development of Large Size Hybrid Fan iconpdf  476kb
Hydrogen Gas Cutting System iconpdf  582kb
Flexible Tandem Welding System iconpdf  2375kb
Introduction of Products GD755/GH320 GALEO Series Snow-Removal Motor Graders iconpdf  2455kb
GALEO Series Small-Sized Wheel Loaders iconpdf  2153kb
Touch Panel Type Information Appliance "WebLight" iconpdf  725kb
Internet File Server "WebDEPOT" iconpdf  1126kb

Vol.50 No.153    Published on Dec 1,2004

Foreword Unique and Unrivaled Products    Nobutsugu Ohira iconpdf  50kb
Technical Papers Development of High-Speed High-Precision Cooling Plate iconpdf  552kb
Utilization of 3D-Viewer in KOMATSU iconpdf  622kb
Development of Kinematical Analysis Method for Vehicle iconpdf  632kb
Introduction of Products BR1000JG-1 Mobile Crusher iconpdf  2226kb
PX500 Low-profile, Great-depth Clamshell iconpdf  2501kb
Small-Sized Crawler Dozers "D31/37/39-21" with Electronically Controlled HST iconpdf  864kb
Super Long Life Edge (Cutting Edge for Snow-Removal Motor Grader) iconpdf  718kb
Wear-resistant Bucket (e-Bucket) for PC200 Series iconpdf  467kb
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Vol.49 No.152    Published on Feb 27,2004

Foreword What I Have Learned by My Failures    Masayuki Satou iconpdf  79kb
Technical Papers Application of DSS to Evaluate Performance of Work Equipment of Wheel Loader with Parallel Linkage iconpdf  1519kb
Development of a Technique to Predict the Level of Dynamic Noise of Hydraulic Excavators iconpdf  1355kb
Development of New Materials for Special Oil-Impregnated Bearlngs iconpdf  4091kb
Development of High-Efficiency Thermoelectric Power Generation System iconpdf  1125kb
Introduction of Products Mobile Impact Crusher BR480RG iconpdf  5098kb
Road Recycler GS500-1 iconpdf  4728kb
GALEO MR-2 Series 3- to 5-Ton Compact Hydraulic Excavators iconpdf  4835kb
High Output Engine SAA12V140 for Generator iconpdf  1252kb
802.11a/g-Compatible Wireless Presentation System "AirProjector" iconpdf  1710kb

Vol.49 No.151 Published on Sep 30,2003

Foreword Coordinating Research, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing - Don't Forget about the People Who Dug the Well -    Yasuo Suzuki iconpdf  40kb
Technical Papers Introduction of Simulation of Falling Object Protective Structures iconpdf  1440kb
Development of a Multifunction Monitor Panel iconpdf  391kb
Terra-Mechanical Simulation Using Distinct Element Method iconpdf  593kb
Development of Remote Monitoring System for Tunnel Machine iconpdf  600kb
Introduction of Safety Control of AC Servo Press iconpdf  248kb
Introduction of Products D85EX-15/D85PX-15 Bulldozers in GALEO Series iconpdf  501kb
HD465-7/605-7 Dump Trucks in GALEO Series iconpdf  515kb
Duplex Pump HPD71+71 and Short-Stroke Pump HPV112+112 iconpdf  894kb
LEO NXT Series 1- to 3-Ton Engine-Powered Forklift Trucks iconpdf  764kb
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Vol.48 No.150    Published on Mar 28,2003

Foreword Versatility in Mode of Management of Technical Research Activities    Masao Fuchigami iconpdf  349kb
Technical Papers Development of Combined Automatic Blade Control for Snow-Removing Grader iconpdf  867kb
Development and Deployment of KOMTRAX STEP 2 iconpdf  856kb
Development of Vehicle Health Monitoring System(VHMS/WebCARE) for Large-Sized Construction Machine iconpdf  1339kb
Utilization of Digital Assemblies for Large-sized Press iconpdf  1598kb
Introduction of Products KOM-LOGI Light, A Komatsu's Equipment Positioning System iconpdf  2213kb
Engines for Stationary Generator in Normal Service in Domestic Market iconpdf  822kb
Micro Excavator PC09-1 in GALEO Series iconpdf  1227kb

Vol.48 No.149    Published on Sep 30,2002

Foreword Technology and Industry    Yuji Watanabe iconpdf  441kb
Technical Papers Development of Non-Amine Type Engine Coolant iconpdf  782kb
Low Noise Type Hydraulically Driven Engine Cooling Fan System iconpdf  551kb
Komatsu's Low Emission Engine, STA6D140, Using Water Emulsified Fuel iconpdf  586kb
Commercialization of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) iconpdf  643kb
Development of Low-Noise and Large Air Volume Type Blower Equipped with an Environment-Friendly Engine iconpdf  971kb
Introduction of Products Komatsu's New Hydraulic Excavator PC200-7 in GALEO Series iconpdf  1220kb
Medium Size Wheel Loader in GALEO Series iconpdf  625kb
"ARION Plus", Battery Powered, 4-Wheel Forklift Truck iconpdf  1247kb
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Vol.47 No.148    Published on Mar 28,2002

Foreword Consideration of Technologies and Skills matching with the Times    Kanetake Nakatani iconpdf  445kb
Technical Papers Development of Assembly Work Control System iconpdf  748kb
Increasing of Efficiency in Examination of Productivity in Assembly With Virtual Reality Software iconpdf  759kb
Development of One-side Plasma Arc Spot Welding System iconpdf  727kb
USB Wireless Print Server iconpdf  592kb
Introduction of Products HM400-1 Articulated Dump Truck iconpdf  1064kb
PC78US-6 and PC78UU-6 iconpdf  926kb
Rectangular Shield iconpdf  1502kb
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Information in the technical reports is current on the date of issue and is subject to change without notice.