Global Operations

You can browse Komatsu Group's global operations by the map and a list.
Click the global map below.
[How to find information]
Please check following "How to find information".

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  • Global Operations

    How to find information

    1. Click the button in the top area of the screen.
      The Construction, Mining, Utility and Forestry Equipment selection will show our bases by function and region.
      The Industrial Machinery and Others selection will show all our bases.
    2. When you click a base on the map, you will see the related information, such as the name, location and business description, in the lower area of the screen.
    3. To print the information on the screen, click the print button. It might take a while to print the document.
    4. You can choose your preferred display in map or list format.

    browse Komatsu Group's global operations

    To display them, you will need to download Microsoft Silverlight.