Management Principle

Komatsuís Management Principle

The corner stone of Komatsu Group's management lies in commitment to Quality and Reliability and to maximize its corporate value. The Company believes its corporate value is the total sum of trust given to the Company by society and all stakeholders.


The KOMATSU Way is a written statement of values that all employees in the Komatsu Group, including those at top management level, should pass down in a lasting way at the their workplaces and worksites. The KOMATSU Way is built on Komatsuís strengths which are substantiated by the beliefs, patterns of behavior and know-how that our forerunners learned based on our founderís spirit in the course of corporate growth. Komatsu Ltd. is working to pass down and anchor the KOMATSU Way among all employees of the Komatsu Group.

Designed for all employees, the KOMATSU Way is comprised of three chapters of Top Management, ďMonozukuriĒ (Komatsu Way of manufacturing) and Brand Management. In addition, all divisions and departments have the respective workplace versions of the KOMATSU Way.

Contents of the KOMATSU Way for all employees are listed below.

KOMATSU Way (Top Management)

Actively engage the board of directors

  1. Hold Board meetings as stipulated in the regulations of your company.
  2. Clearly define the agenda.
  3. Thoroughly discuss the agenda items during the Board meetings.
  4. Exchange opinions with part-time directors who represent the shareholder.
  5. Empower the audit capabilities of auditors.
KOMATSU Way (ďMonozukuri Ē for all employees)
  1. Commitment to Quality and Reliability
  2. Customer Oriented
  3. Defining the Root Cause
  4. Gemba (Workplace) Philosophy
  5. Policy Deployment
  6. Collaboration with Business Partners
  7. Human Resource Development
KOMATSU Way (Brand Management*)
  1. Customerís Perspective
  2. Understanding Our Customers
  3. Supporting Our Customers with Our Integrated Capabilities

*Brand management

Komatsu defines brand management as activities designed to increase dependency of customers on the Komatsu Group so that the Komatsu Group will become a continuous partner of their choice.

Komatsu's Worldwide Code of Business Conduct

Komatsu publishes "Komatsuís Worldwide Code of Business Conduct" and ensures all employees of Komatsu Group companies around the world understand how important it is to observe the Rules of the Business Community. Komatsu also created an organization to manage and lead its group-wide compliance activities for the Rules. By assigning this work to exclusive staff members, Komatsu is diligently improving the compliance program.