Press Release

[2005.11.01] Komatsu Expects to Boost Net Income by 70% for the FY Ending March 31, 2006.
[2005.10.14] Komatsu to Build Two Plants near Ports in Japan for Large Equipment
[2005.10.13] Komatsu Provides Assistance to Earthquake Victims in Pakistan
[2005.09.26] Komatsu Castex to Establish Joint-Ownership Manufacturing and Sales Company of Castings in China
[2005.09.12] Ayumi Tanimoto of the Komatsu Women's Judo Team Wins Silver in the World Judo Championships Cairo 2005
[2005.09.07] Komatsu Group Pledges More than $500,000 to Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts
[2005.08.11] Delisting and Go-Private Proposal of an Indonesian Subsidiary and Tender Offer by Komatsu
[2005.08.01] Regarding the Determination of the Exercise Price of Stock Options (Share Acquisition Rights (Shinkabu-Yoyaku-Ken)
[2005.07.19] Purchase of Its Own Shares through the Market
[2005.07.13] Dissolution and Liquidation of a Subsidiary
[2005.06.27] Komatsu Ltd., signs a definitive agreement to sell its polysilicon business (ASiMI)
[2005.06.24] Komatsu to Purchase Its Own Shares
[2005.06.10] Komatsu Completes Construction of one of the World's Largest Acoustic Testing Laboratories
[2005.05.09] Three Consecutive Years of Growth in Sales and Profits and Net Income Expands 2.2 Times for Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2005
[2005.05.09] Issuance of Share Acquisition Rights for Stock Option Scheme
[2005.02.21] Results of "Otto World Cup" (Judo Competition in Germany)
[2005.02.10] Komatsu Ltd., signs a letter of intent to sell its polysilicon business (ASiMI)
[2005.02.07] Recall of Rough Terrain Crane and Reach Tower Crane
[2005.02.02] Komatsu Posts Up 70% for Operating Profit and More Than Doubled Net Income for Nine Months ended Dec. 31, 2004
[2005.01.05] Komatsu Assists the Casualties of the Asian Earthquake and Tsunamis.

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