Press Release

[2004.11.04] Expecting Record-High Sales and Profits for the FY 2005 with Operating Profit of 96 Billion yen and Net Income of 50 Billion yen, and Increasing Dividends per Share to 11 yen
[2004.11.04] Revisions of Projections for Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2005
[2004.10.26] Revision of Projections for the Interim Period of Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2005
[2004.10.08] Komatsu to Delist Shares from Five Stock Exchanges
[2004.08.17] Ayumi Tanimoto of the Komatsu Women's Judo Club Wins the Gold Medal in the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games
[2004.08.02] Regarding the Determination of the Exercise Price of Stock Options
[2004.07.29] Growth Accelerates in Both Sales & Profits. [Consolidated Business Results for the First Quarter of FY 2005]
[2004.07.26] Purchase of Its Own Shares Through the Market
[2004.07.12] Komatsu to Merge Its Consolidated Subsidiary
[2004.06.25] Komatsu to Purchase Its Own Shares
[2004.06.16] Dissolution and Liquidation of a Subsidiary
[2004.05.07] FY2004 Sales Renew the Record-High Figure
[2004.05.07] Issuance of Share Acquisition Rights for Stock Option Scheme
[2004.05.07] Revision of Compensation Program for Directors, Auditors and Abolition of Retirement Bonus Scheme
[2004.05.07] Revisions of Projections for Fiscal 2004
[2004.03.25] Komatsu and Topcon Form an Alliance
[2004.03.15] Komatsu to Sell Fixed Assets of Subsidiary
[2004.02.24] Komatsu Industries Corporation Established the Sales Subsidiary in China
[2004.02.19] Komatsu Forest AB, Manufacturer of Forestry Equipment Established in Sweden
[2004.02.09] Komatsu to Establish Joint Ownership Company to Produce and Sell Cast Parts for Construction and Mining Equipment in China
[2004.02.03] Expanded Sales and Profits for Three Quaters of Fiscal 2004; Recording Net Income 5.2 Times Over the Corresponding 9-Month Period Last Year.

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