Komatsu and Cummins Sign Agreement to Improve Global Communities through Corporate Responsibility Partnership

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) and Cummins Inc. (Chairman and CEO: Tom Linebarger) have signed a global corporate responsibility partnership agreement to improve communities around the world. This partnership will build on the companies' already strong business relationship. Both companies have invested in technical education in their communities as social contribution activities and have already partnered in some community projects.
By leveraging each other's resources and best practices, they will support human resource development on a global scale.

Mr. Ohashi, President and CEO, Komatsu (left) and Mr. Linebarger, CEO, Cummins (right)

Tetsuji Ohashi expressed, "We share a common commitment to producing and supporting products in a responsible manner, as well as to strengthening education and improving opportunities for the people of the communities where we do business. A partnership that helps the people of our communities will only make our business partnership stronger. It is with great enthusiasm that Komatsu enters into this global collaboration with a trusted partner like Cummins."

"For decades, Cummins and Komatsu have built a strong and growing business relationship," said Tom Linebarger. "We share common goals and aspirations for our respective businesses, as well as for the people living in our communities. Using the strength of our employees' skills, our global presence and our strong business partnership, we can provide opportunity to those most in need. This is a win for Cummins, a win for Komatsu, but most importantly a win for our communities."

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[About Cummins Inc.]
Cummins Inc. of the United States is a global leader of diesel and natural gas engines, manufacturing, distributing and servicing them for automobiles, electric power generation and other industrial applications. In 1961, Komatsu entered a technology license agreement with Cummins. Today, there are joint-venture companies established by the two, including Industrial Power Alliance, Ltd. which researches and develops diesel engines in Japan, Komatsu Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and Cummins Komatsu Engine Company, manufacturing diesel engines in Japan and the United States, respectively.

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