Reinforcing Production with The Internet of Things (IoT) : Embarking on production reforms by implementing "connectivity" in Komatsu Style

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) (hereinafter "Komatsu") is embarking on novel production reforms designed to achieve "connected" production which enables real-time connection at all stages from production to sales and information flow through the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Komatsu has been working on large-scale production reforms at plants in Japan, since FY2011, with the goal of cutting electric power consumption to half. By adding to this effort the concept of "visualized" information through IoT, Komatsu plans to dynamically improve safety and productivity. Linking market information directly with production plants will enable Komatsu to build a manufacturing operation in which plants will be actively involved make efforts in finding solutions to customers' problems.

["Connectivity" in Komatsu-Style]

1. "Connected" production
Komatsu is going to "visualize" information concerning production facilities, such as machine tools and robots, and information concerning production line operations through IoT, and then consolidate that information in a shared database. Based on this consolidated information, Komatsu will develop upgraded plans designed to improve per-floor space productivity, reduce manpower and shorten production lead-time.
Komatsu has already connected all robots at its main production plants worldwide through the Internet, promoting real-time access to production conditions. Komatsu is planning to install add-on controllers in machine tools and "visualize" information concerning facilities, enabling the understanding of reason for machinery downtime and thereby increase machinery utilization efficiency in order to dynamically uplift productivity.

2. Direct linkage of market information with production plants
Komatsu is going to link market information directly with its production plants through KOMTRAX (Komatsu Machine Tracking System) which is built into over 380,000 construction equipment units worldwide (as of May 31) and KOMTRAX Plus for mining equipment. As plants will aggressively monitor and analyze the conditions of machine operation and abrasion of components, Komatsu and its distributors should be able to improve operations by honing the precision of predicting the lifetime of parts and the best time for overhauls. For its customers, Komatsu will help with the reduction of their lifecycle costs of products by supplying products according to different needs and proposing better ways of using machines.

Komatsu early on emphasized the importance of ICT, and particularly since 2000, it has promoted the "visualization" of machine operation data through KOMTRAX and other means. Recently, by offering its Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) for mining customers and SMARTCONSTRUCTION for construction customers, Komatsu is achieving "visualization" of customersf jobsite operations.
Komatsu is determined to be continuously innovative in creating new value for customers' jobsite operations by making group-wide efforts to "visualize" both customers' jobsite operations and Komatsu Group's production operations and also, through "connectivity".

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