Komatsu Embarks on SMARTCONSTRUCTION: ICT solutions to construction job sites

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO) (hereinafter "Komatsu") embarks on SMARTCONSTRUCTION, designed to innovate construction job sites, on February 1, 2015.
Komatsu has upheld the growth strategies based on innovation in its "Together We Innovate GEMBA Worldwide" mid-range management plan launched in April 2013. Since then, Komatsu has promoted launchings of intelligent Machine Control construction equipment, such as the D61PXi bulldozer and the PC200i hydraulic excavator. In addition to these intelligent Machine Control models, Komatsu has developed solutions to various problems of construction job sites and is going to start a new service business under the name of SMARTCONSTRUCTION to realize "job sites of the future". Komatsu is going to foster the growth of this service as a core business.
SMARTCONSTRUCTION is a solution service which enables customers to realize safe and smart "job sites of the future". Komatsu will not only achieve safe and high-productivity job-site operation by connecting all information on job sites through ICT (information and communication technology), but also apply its accumulated data to the maintenance work of an aging social infrastructure and reconstruction of natural disaster-destroyed regions. Komatsu has established the Smart Construction Promotion Division, and is going to offer this new solution business through Komatsu Rental Ltd. initially in Japan, where aging of the population is progressing quickly.

Service contents and supporting technologies of SMARTCONTRUCTION

When we input all information related to the following six steps into KomConnect, our new cloud platform, which will make the information "visible", ICT will organically connect all people, machines and soil, related to the conditions of construction job sites, dramatically improving productivity on the job sites and achieving safe and smart "job sites of the future".
1) High-precision survey of job sites
We accurately understand the job site conditions in a short period of time and produce high-precision 3-D data by mainly using an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) or drone, 3-D laser scanner, and stereo camera installed on the operator seat of construction equipment.

2) 3-D completion drawing
We convert 2-D completion drawings of construction provided by customers into 3-D drawings. By "visualizing" the difference between 3-D data of the job site conditions and 3-D completion drawings, customers can have an accurate understanding of the area, shape and volume of earth to be moved prior to construction.

3) Research and analysis of variable factors
Prior to construction, we conduct research and analyze variable factors of construction, such as soil classification and buried objects.

4) Development of construction plans
When customers input construction conditions in KomConnect, the construction plan simulation function proposes different construction patterns for each condition. When construction begins, real-time construction progress is automatically shown on the construction plan simulation. Accordingly, customers can always develop optimal construction plans.

5) Advanced AI-driven construction
3-D data produced in Step #2 are transmitted to intelligent Machine Control construction equipment via KomConnect. As intelligent Machine Control equipment automatically controls its blade (in case of bulldozers) or its bucket (in case of hydraulic excavators), even inexperienced operators can perform high-precision work just like veteran operators.

6) Use of construction data after completion of construction
All construction information, when intelligent Machine Control equipment is used, is stored in KomConnect. Accumulated data can also be used in the maintenance of an aging social infrastructure as well as reconstruction work of natural disaster-destroyed regions.

We are going to open the SMARTCONSTRUCTION Support Center. Our SMARTCONSTRUCTION support staff with expertise in various technological fields will promptly offer professional assistance to all kinds of inquiries.

Service offices

Currently available only in Japan, we will start this service at 123 branches of Komatsu Rental Ltd. in Japan on February 1, 2015.
Visit the Komatsu Rental website: http://www.komatsu-rental.co.jp/rental/index.php

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