[Komatsu Consolidates and Strengthens Manufacturing Engineering Development Capability at the Osaka Plant] Opens a New Manufacturing Engineering Development Center

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) (hereinafter "Komatsu") has built the new Manufacturing Engineering Development Center at the Osaka Plant, one of the key manufacturing plants in Japan, and recently held the opening ceremony. The new Center is designed to strengthen its research and development operation, an important driver to innovate the production of construction equipment and improve product performance.
Since its establishment originally as the Manufacturing Engineering Research Center in 1975, the Center has conducted research and development of manufacturing and materials technologies as well as research and evaluation of cutting-edge technologies. The technologies developed at the Center have been introduced to not only Komatsu plants worldwide but also their suppliers, making considerable contributions to production reforms and product performance over the years.
The new Center has been built adjacent to the Osaka Technical Center which is responsible for product development at the Osaka Plant. By creating an R&D environment for the two to work together as a single team, Komatsu is well positioned to further promote R&D activities in close collaboration with production and development operations. To further enhance fundamental technologies, Komatsu has also introduced additional simulation and measurement-related instruments to the new Center. Furthermore, the new Center accommodates R&D and testing activities, which were conducted in separate buildings in the past, and manufacturing engineering functions for components, which were previously located separately at plants. As a result, Komatsu has achieved a seamless R&D operation for manufacturing engineering of products and components, e.g., casting, heat treatment, welding and machining.
Komatsu is working for growth by offering innovation designed to create new values for its customers, and is going to further enhance its competitive advantage with this new Center.

[New Manufacturing Engineering Development Center]

[Outline of the new Manufacturing Engineering Development Center]

Name Manufacturing Engineering Development Center
Address Komatsu Osaka Plant, 3-1-1 Ueno, Hirakata-shi, Osaka prefecture, Japan
Floor area 3,600 sq. meters for research and 6,480 sq. meters for testing (compared to 1,500 sq. meters of the former research building and 2,560 sq. meters for the former testing building)
No. of employees Approx. 250 (planned)
Investment Approx. JPY2.2 billion
Energy efficiency To reduce electric power consumption for lighting and air conditioning as shown below.
1) Approx. 64% reduction of air conditioning load by means of thermal insulation structure (walls, roof and windows)
2) Approx. 60% reduction of power consumption for lighting by means of LED and light sensor-based adjustment and use of natural light

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