Gigaphoton Ships Its First ArF Excimer Laser Capable of Supporting 450mm Wafer Multi-patterning Lithography

Gigaphoton Inc. (President: Hitoshi Tomaru) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. (President & CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi), that engages in the development, manufacture, sales and service of Excimer lasers as a lithography light source. It has recently shipped the GT64A, its first ArF immersion Excimer laser supporting 450mm multi-patterning and featuring the maximum power output of 120W, to a major lithography scanner manufacturer.

[GT64A: ArF immersion Excimer laser supporting 450mm multi-patterning]

The semiconductor manufacturing industry is currently working on technological innovation which enables the commercial production of 450mm wafers, and expects that Gigaphoton's GT64A will accelerate the pace of commercial production and improve the yields of 450mm wafers.

The GT64A is the latest model of the GT Series* and is capable of a high throughput of 120W in a multi-patterning lithography of 450mm wafers. Power output can be automatically adjusted to optimal levels according to the customers' process. Thanks to its highly stable energy output, spectral bandwidth and beam profile, combined with longer pulse durations, the GT64A also offers greatly improved overlay accuracy, critical dimension control and minimization of line edge roughness, all of which are extremely important in multi-patterning lithography. To reduce customers' operating costs, Gigaphoton has addressed the reduction of environmental impact when developing the GT64A, and successfully cut down customers' costs of facilities and equipment for electricity, gas and cooling resources.

Since its founding in 2000, Gigaphoton, a world-leading and the one and only Japanese manufacturer of laser light sources for lithography, has delivered its products to major semiconductor chip-makers in Asia, including Japan, the United States and Europe. With respect to the EUV laser light source, which is attracting keen attention as the next-generation lithography technology, Gigaphoton is focusing its efforts on technology development for the mass production of laser-produced plasma (LPP) light source for EUV lithography scanners, as showcased by the successful 2-hour continuous operation of its LPP light source prototype being developed with its original technologies.

As a major lithography light source manufacturer, Gigaphoton is committed to continuing support for its customers' mass production of semiconductors by constantly placing the highest priority on the provision of innovative solutions.

Note: * The GT (Giga Twin) Series features the world's first adoption of an injection locking method to lithography light sources, which achieves both narrow spectral bandwidth and high output power at the same time. The laser unit using this method incorporates two laser chambers (twin-chamber configuration), each of which is mounted with an optical resonator. In this configuration, one chamber emits a low-output, narrow-bandwidth laser, while the other chamber amplifies the laser beam from the first chamber to the maximum level.

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