Komatsu Ready for Worldwide Launches of New HB205 and HB215LC Hybrid Hydraulic Excavators

Komatsu Ltd. (President & CEO: Kunio Noji) is going to launch worldwide sales of HB205 and HB215LC hybrid hydraulic excavators, initially in Japan on December 1, 2010. Following Japan, Komatsu is planning to expand sales in North America, China, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

In June 2008, Komatsu led the world by introducing the world's first hybrid hydraulic excavator, "PC200-8 E0 Hybrid" on the Japanese market. In fiscal 2009, Komatsu embarked on sales in China and test marketing in North America. As of October 31, over 650 units were in operation around the world.

By capitalizing on know-how and technologies accumulated over the years, Komatsu implemented a full-scale model change of its 20-ton class hybrid hydraulic excavator. While reducing fuel consumption as well as NOx and CO2 emissions, both HB205 and HB215LC hybrid models offer improved maintainability thanks to model-change versions of hybrid components. As a result, customers can expect a better operating rate of their machines. As an option, they also come with a common-use hydraulic pipe which enables the use of different attachments for a wide range of worksite conditions.

Komatsu develops and manufactures all hybrid components in house. With these renewed components, Komatsu has further enhanced the production efficiency of hybrid hydraulic excavators and has built up production operation capable of supplying the equipment to markets around the world.

Looking ahead, Komatsu is planning to expand its hybrid technologies to larger excavator models and construction equipment other than hydraulic excavators. As a leader of construction equipment, Komatsu will continue to introduce new equipment which is specifically designed to curb environmental impact on the natural environment of planet earth, thereby meeting the requirements of the times.

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