Ayumi Tanimoto Retiring from Judo Competition

Ayumi Tanimoto, a member of the Komatsu Women's Judo Team, has decided to retire from Judo competition. Ayumi Tanimoto joined Komatsu Ltd. in April 2004. In August of the same year, she won the Gold Medal in the women's 63 kg category at the Athens Olympics by winning all matches by Ippon. In the Beijing Olympics in 2008, she won the Gold Medal again in the same manner, marking the first-time record of winning the Gold Medal in two consecutive Olympic Games by all Ippon. She has also won many titles in other international competitions. While serving as the captain of the Komatsu Women's Judo Team from September 2008 to March 2010, she also made a number of variable contributions to strengthening the team, including the champion team title in the All Japan Corporate Judo Competition for successive years. As a playing coach, she is training the members of the team.

She is planning to continue her training of the team as a coach while working as an employee of Komatsu Ltd. Komatsu has been supporting the development and growth of Judo in foreign countries as part of its efforts to contribute to society. She is also planning to get involved in this effort.
We at Komatsu cordially thank all her fans for their support and encouragement given to her over the years.


"It has been exactly 20 years since I began learning Judo. As a Judo contestant, I have tried my best to demonstrate the education of humans, the principle of Judo, in the form of Ippon as I have understood it. Having won all matches by Ippon at two consecutive Olympic Games, I would like to retire from competitions with a sense of accomplishment of my own Judo principle. More importantly, only with the assistance offered to me by so many people involved in Judo and the warm support given to me by so many people, I was able to come to this day. I thank you all very much. I am firmly determined to make full use of my valuable experiences gained in Judo, further develop myself and return everything I owe to Judo. This is my future course in which I am going to do my very best. I am completely filled with appreciation. Thank you again for supporting me over the years."


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