Komatsu to Launch 860E Super-large Dump Truck Powered by Siemens' AC Motor

Komatsu Ltd. (President & CEO: Kunio Noji) announced today that Komatsu is going to add the new 860E-1K model (max. payload: 254 metric tons) to its series of electric-drive rigid dump trucks. Komatsu is exhibiting the 860E at the MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2008 being held in Las Vegas, U.S.A. from September 22 through 24.
Komatsu enjoys the world's top supplier position for electric-drive super large dump trucks. To further sharpen its competitive edge with a new generation of industry-pacesetting trucks, Komatsu has teamed up with Siemens for the development of new electric drive systems. The newly developed electric drive system consists of a generator, AC motor, inverter, final gear and other components. Designed to offer high quality and solid reliability to its customers, the 860E integrates Siemens' leading-edge electric components and Komatsu-developed and manufactured mechanical components, such as the final gear. We at Komatsu believe that the 860E will make important contributions to customers by helping them improve productivity and reduce operating and maintenance costs.
A factory installed trolley-cable option is also available for the 860E. Under the trolley system, pantograph-mounted dump trucks receive electric power from the trolley cable extended over their travel routes to drive their AC motors. The trolley system supports high-climbing performance. Also under this system, dump trucks use electricity generated at the mine instead of electricity generated by their own engines, which can extend their engine life to a great extent and cut down fuel expenses.
As with other super-large Komatsu electric-drive mining trucks, the 860E is designed and developed by Komatsu America Corp., and is manufactured at its Peoria Manufacturing Operation in Illinois, U.S.A.

The new 860E-1k super-large rigid frame dump truck

(Now being exhibited at the MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2008)

Major Specifications

Max. payload capacity: 254 metric tons (280 short tons)
Engine: Komatsu SSDA16V160
Gross power output: 2014 kW (2700HP) / 1900 rpm
Highest speed: 64.5 km/h
Turning radius SAE: 31 m
Total length: 15.02 m
Total width: 8.37 m
Total height: 7.27 m

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