Komatsu to Purchase Its Own Shares

(Share Purchase Pursuant to the Provisions of Article 211-3-1-2 of the Commercial Code)

Komatsu Ltd. (the "Company") presents the following notification of the resolution made at its Board of Directors meeting held on June 24, 2005. Pursuant to the provisions of Articles 211-3-1-2 of the Commercial Code of Japan, the Company resolved the purchase of its own shares.


1. Reasons for Purchase of Its Own Shares.

To facilitate quick and flexible equity management in response to the changing economic environment

2. Shares to be Purchased by the Company

(1) Type of shares to be purchased: Outstanding Common stock of Komatsu Ltd.
(2) Total number of shares to be purchased: Up to 1,700,000 shares. (0.17% of total outstanding shares)
(3) Total cost of purchase: Up to 1,800,000,000 yen.
(4) Period to be purchased: From July 1 to July 29, 2005.

[Reference] Possession of Treasury Shares as of May 31, 2005.

The Company's total outstanding shares: 991,796,908 shares. (Excluding Treasury shares)
Possession of Treasury shares: 6,947,152 shares.


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