Komatsu Completes Construction of one of the World's Largest Acoustic Testing Laboratories

Komatsu Ltd. ("Komatsu") built a new acoustic testing laboratory with one of the world's largest anechoic rooms in Hiratsuka city, Kanagawa Prefecture. The acoustic testing laboratory provides the company with an ideal environment in which to measure, experiment, and research almost the entire lineup of products, including the world's largest bulldozer, D575.


One of the world's largest anechoic rooms, which is the core of the acoustic testing laboratory.

The acoustic testing laboratory with the anechoic room consolidates the equipment required for research and development of low noise levels, and allows the company to precisely and effectively measure the noise generated by construction and mining equipment, in a stable environment.

The newly established acoustic testing laboratory has one of the world's largest anechoic rooms at 484 m2 of floor space, where all the equipment that the company has produced domestically can be tested with its various operating attachments, which makes it possible to proceed with the company's low noise research.

In addition, the world's first mobile sound-absorbing/insulated walls were installed in the anechoic room. Multiple experiments for medium- and small-sized construction equipment can be conducted simultaneously by sliding the walls to separate the anechoic room into up to three subsections. We believe this will substantially increase product development efficiency.

The need for silent construction equipment has been increasing globally. For instance, EU noise directive, applied to construction equipment sold in Europe, have gradually grown more stringent from the first stage implemented from 2002 to the second one from 2006.

In addition to responding to these regulations, Komatsu has been focusing on research and development of the industry's no. 1 low noise technology and after introducing the cutting edge achievements in sound, the company has been receiving high acclaim from customers for offering construction equipment with substantially lower ambient noise and operator-ear noise.

From now on, Komatsu will utilize the new acoustic testing laboratory to further accelerate the development of high added value, such as more comfortable handling and environmentally-friendly construction and mining equipment.


Exterior of the acoustic testing laboratory

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