Bangkok Komatsu Celebrated 2,000-Unit Production & Sales of "PC200" and Its 7th Anniversary

On November 11, 2002, Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd. (hereafter "BKC"), a Thailand joint venture of Komatsu Ltd. and local capital, celebrated 2000-unit production and sales of "PC200," medium-sized hydraulic excavators, as well as its 7th anniversary.

BKC, established in November 1995, started producing and selling PC200 in October 1996. After influenced by 1997 currency crisis in Southeast Asia, BKC has expanded exports, of which destinations have become totally 27 countries. In recent years, BKC has been benefited from business recovery in Thailand, and finally achieved 2,000-unit production and sales.

PC200 is a core model of hydraulic excavators in the global market, and Komatsu manufactures this model in 8 countries; Japan, the US, the UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Thai, China, and India. BKC plays a roll of a supplying base for mainly the Southeast Asian market. It will enhance its corporation with the mother factory in Japan, and call for the 1,000-unit annual production as a goal, by promoting its productivity and cost competitiveness.

On the day, BKC held a "Celebration The 2000th" ceremony with 250 participants, including investing company, distributors, customers, and employees.

BKC "Celebration The 2,000th"

Outline of Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd.

Established: November 2, 1995
Located: Chonburi, Thailand
President: Eiji Nakaoka
Paid-in Capital: Bht. 620 million
Equity holders and Holding Ratios:Komatsu (75%),
Bangkok Motor Works Co., Ltd.(25%)
Lot Area:38,600 m2
Lines of Business: Manufacture and sale of medium-sized hydraulic excavators

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