Growth Strategies Based on Innovation

We have placed the “Growth Strategies Based on Innovation” first among our focused efforts in the “Together We Innovate GEMBA Worldwide” mid-range management plan scheduled to be completed in March, 2016.
We define innovation as to create new value designed to streamline our customers’ business in the domain of solutions by getting deeply involved in their jobsite operations in collaboration with our distributors and suppliers, in addition to the domains of products and service. Through innovation, we are working to expand our business domains for further growth.

Our Growth Strategies

DANTOTSU (Unrivaled) Products

As a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, Komatsu has been committed to providing products with features in safety, environmental friendliness, ICT and fuel economy (work efficiency), with which no competitors can catch up in a few years. By taking the technological advantage of in-house development and production of key components and through seamless teamwork among our development, production and suppliers, we have produced and introduced DANTOTSU products with “built-in” quality, such as our industry’s first hybrid hydraulic excavators, to the global market.


By utilizing data concerning the operating conditions of our products, we have been promoting “visualization” of our machines in use, thereby strengthening business designed to reduce their lifecycle costs in the value chains of after-sales service, parts, and rental and used equipment.
In 2001, we mounted KOMTRAX on all construction equipment as a standard feature, which enables remote monitoring of the locations and operating conditions of Komatsu equipment used by customers. In addition to 375,000 KOMTRAX-mounted units working around the world as of March 31, 2015, we gather and analyze data from KOMTRAX Plus-mounted mining equipment and utilize it in our maintenance service, designed for more efficient use of machines, make proposals for fuel-economy operation, and reinforce the rental and used equipment businesses.

DANTOTSU Solutions

DANTOTSU solutions are a business model in which we take full advantage of leading-edge ICT, gather and analyze data concerning jobsite operations of our construction and mining customers for “visualization” so that we should be able to offer solutions to their jobsite problems.
In 2008, we led the world by commercializing our Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) with unmanned mining trucks. While offering new value of safety to customers by virtue of being driverless trucks, AHS not only helps customers cut down running costs, such as fuel and maintenance expenses, but also enables us to take up some of the work of our customers, thereby expanding our business domain.
Concerning construction equipment, we launched intelligent Machine Control dozers in 2013 and hydraulic excavators in 2014, both featuring automatic control of blades and buckets, respectively. With these machines, operators, regardless of experience, can perform work at a high precision on par with that of veterans. They also considerably reduce the staking*1 and inspection*2 of survey processes, thereby greatly helping customers shorten their construction period.
In February 2015, we embarked on SMARTCONSTRUCTION, in which we provide solutions by using this equipment genre.

*1 Wooden sticks designed to guide machine operators for cutting and filling earth. Placed at equal distances, each stake consists of smaller sticks in horizontal and angled positions for guidance.
*2 Inspection conducted by the client of construction work to check survey results.