Growth Strategies Based on Innovation

To create innovation, we will continue to develop DANTOTSU products, DANTOTSU service and DANTOTSU solutions based on our proprietary competitive manufacturing aimed at Quality and Reliability. We will also actuate innovation, by proactively incorporating technologies, which we cannot obtain in the Komatsu Group, through industrial-academic and industrial-industrial collaborations.

In the construction, mining and utility equipment business, to substantially improve safety, environmental friendliness and productivity of customers' jobsite operations, we will develop and launch next-generation equipment which will achieve further automation and unmanned operation by means of cutting-edge ICT utilization. At the same time, we will also work to develop next-generation components and mount them on new products, including forklift trucks.

To thoroughly “visualize” machine and jobsite operations, which is indispensable for improvement of jobsite operations, we will not only further advance KOMTRAX versions but also develop and provide a platform where we can share all information about construction and mining jobsites.

Our two DANTOTSU solutions, namely SMARTCONSTRUCTION for construction jobsites and Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) for mining jobsites, are designed to contribute to solving problems of customers' jobsite operations by taking advantage of “visualized” information. We will nurture the growth of these two solution models by further improving our service content and expanding the areas and scale of their deployment.

In February 2015, we embarked on SMARTCONSTRUCTION, a solutions business designed to bring about very safe and productive “construction jobsites of the future” by connecting all information on the jobsites via ICT. In October, we equipped our PC200i hydraulic excavator with a stereo camera which performs high-speed, high-precision photography of jobsites. Photographic data are captured into KomConnect in about 30 seconds, where they are analyzed as image data. Accordingly, contractors can accurately manage jobsite topology after work, which includes the areas where manual labor or non ICT-intensive machines were deployed. As the PC200i, equipped with the world's first site survey function, plays the role of a “control tower” of jobsite operations, enabling the understanding of the entire jobsite operations, we would like to realize safe and smart jobsite operations of the future.


In the industrial machinery and others business, we will promote in-house production of key components of machine tools as well as sheet-metal and press machines, while developing DANTOTSU products which will feature outstanding productivity. GIGAPHOTON INC. will work to commercialize cutting-edge Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) light sources used for lithography tools in the near future.