Environmental Conservation Efforts

Komatsu's Relationship with Nature

The entire Komatsu Group promotes environmentally friendly activities to realize its vision of “What we can and must do for the environment and sustainable development of society.”

In recognition of the fact that our business activities affect the environment on a regional and global level, we have identified the following four areas for our efforts.

  • 1) Climate change
  • 2) Establishment of a sound material-cycle society
  • 3) Conservation of air, water and other natural resources as well as management of chemical substances
  • 4) Biodiversity

The Komatsu Group engages in conservation activities across all its business areas on a global scale in line with the Komatsu Earth Environment Charter revised in 2010.

Komatsu Earth Environment Charter

Basic Principles

1. Contributions to Realization of a Sustainable Society
Mankind must not only promote the further growth of a rich and comfortable society but also pass down this invaluable environment of our planet Earth to future generations in a sound and healthy condition. We, the Komatsu Group, define our environmental conservation efforts as one of our highest priority management tasks. We endeavor to contribute to the sustainable growth of society by integrating advanced technologies into our environmental conservation efforts throughout all our business activities. This is represented by our hybrid construction equipment which features a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions while in operation and by our competitive manufacturing.
2. Simultaneous Realization of Improved Environmental and Economic Performance
We are committed to improving both environmental performance and economic efficiency as a group of companies engaging in competitive manufacturing for customer satisfaction. To this end, while working to minimize the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle, from production to scrapping, we constantly take up the challenge of advancing technologies for the development of products that feature good economic performance supported by improved fuel consumption and recyclability.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility
Each company of the Komatsu Group promotes environmental conservation by not only complying with the applicable laws and regulation of the concerned host community, region and country, but also by establishing its voluntary standards which consider global and local environmental concerns. Each company of the Group also strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by actively participating in local environmental conservation programs and thereby promoting close-knit communication with local communities. This is an example of how the companies continue working to remain a company trusted by all Komatsu stakeholders.

Guideline for Corporate Activity

1. Basic Stance on Environmental Problems

We, the Komatsu Group, work toward a sustainable society and Earth-friendly environment through our global business operations by addressing the following four environmental problems.

  • 1) Climate change
  • 2) Establishment of a sound material-cycle society
  • 3) Conservation of air, water and other natural resources as well as management of chemical substances
  • 4) Biodiversity
2. Framework of Our Global, Group-wide Environmental Management System
To reduce our group-wide environmental impact, the Komatsu Head Office as well as the manufacturing facilities and main companies of the Komatsu Group, already with ISO certifications, will continue working to maintain and improve their environmental management system, while other manufacturing facilities and suppliers will also work to establish their environmental management systems.
The Komatsu Environmental Committee develops environmental action plans and common guidelines for the Komatsu Group. Based on these group-wide plans and guidelines, each division or company sets up its own mid- to long-range targets, develops and implements specific action plans, reviews them regularly and works to continuously improve them.
3. Environmental Education and Communication
We, the Komatsu Group, believe that it is important to enhance the environmental awareness of each and every employee and thereby actively promote such education programs for all employees.
We will gather environment-related information concerning not only our manufacturing facilities but also other related entities, such as major affiliated companies and suppliers, and strive to disclose such information, thereby facilitating proactive communication with all our stakeholders, such as customers, employees, local communities and suppliers, and further expanding the content of environmental communication.