Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Relationship between Komatsu Management and CSR

Komatsu defines its CSR activities as "our business activities per se, which we can capitalize on our strengths, and we strive to respond to the demands of society through our core businesses.”

Having clearly defined our CSR areas of focus and efforts, we promote our CSR efforts, as we constantly check whether or not our management responds to social expectations and demands and/or understands what CSR priorities should be by engaging in interactive communication with all our stakeholders. In this manner, we would like to enhance the trust given to us by society and drive our sustainable growth.

Our CSR Areas of Focus and Efforts

We have formulated our CSR areas of focus by internally discussing what we must do in relation to the CSR priorities and incorporating the third-party viewpoints of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a U.S.-based NPO. Based on our CSR priorities, we have selected three CSR areas we focus on through our business activities. To implement our CSR efforts on a global scale, we will make sure that all Komatsu Group employees understand our CSR priorities which are designed for the driving force of our CSR efforts on a global scale.

1. Enhancing Quality of Life: Providing products required by society
Providing products and services that contribute to infrastructure development and improve the quality of life
Improving productivity, safety, and efficiency and enhancing energy conservation through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Improving the environmental efficiency of our products at customers' jobsites and of our facilities, such as manufacturing facilities
Reducing our impact on the environment throughout the product lifecycle
Enhancing safety for society, customers, employees, and business partners
2. Human Resource Development
Contributing to human resource development in local communities
Enhancing our employees and suppliers through The KOMATSU Way
Enhancing our employees and distributors through brand management
3. Growing with Society
Engaging in dialogue with our stakeholders
Contributing to society through our core businesses (e.g., disaster relief and activities to remove anti-personnel landmines)
Contributing to local communities where we do business
Strengthening our corporate governance and compliance
Promoting compliance with environmental, labor, and social norms within the Komatsu Group and among business partners