Industrial Machinery and Others



Segment Profit and Ratio


While sales of sheet-metal and press machines remained firm, mainly within the automobile manufacturing industry, sales of wire saws further declined in particular. As a result, sales of the industrial machinery and others business declined by 3.3% from the previous fiscal year, to JPY209.1 billion. Segment profit decreased by 67.2% to JPY2.0 billion. During the year under review, Komatsu realized a loss of JPY 10.8 billion for wire saw inventories.

In the business of machine tools, as well as sheet metal and press machines, Komatsu worked to expand sales of strategic products, such as the NTG-4SP grinder, the H1F-2 small AC Servo press and the new KFL Series fiber laser cutting machine, all designed to enhance customers' productivity, safety and environmental performance.

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    KFL 2051 fiber laser cutting machine