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Construction Equipment for the Future and with a Future

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Our Machine Control Technologiesv Report on Seeding Activities in North America Future Potentials

We’ve come a long way. Back in 1943, we developed Japan’s first bulldozer, which has paved the way for us to become a full-line construction equipment manufacturer today. In April this year, we unveiled the world’s first Machine Control dozer with fully automatic blade control, D61PXi-23, together with a prototype Machine Control hydraulic excavator,PC210LCi-10, at the Bauma 2013 International Trade Fair in Germany....(Click here to continue)

The built-in 3D automatic blade control of the dozer receives real-time information of the blade position from the GNSS* and controls the blade according to 3D CAD construction data with the coordinates computed from design drawings. Therefore, the operator just needs to move the dozer toward the work target displayed on the monitor panel. The rest of his/her work is done by the dozer itself, automatically and seamlessly, from rough dozing to finish grading, as if it were operated by a veteran operator.

Thanks to the revolutionary, ongoing advancement of ICT and GNSS* technology, our industrial pace-setting dozer also enables our customers to manage their jobsite conditions, such as work progress, as it is equipped with the survey function for earthmoving work. As our customers and we share our respective areas of expertise to "visualize" their jobsite operations based on data transmitted from our Machine Control construction equipment, we believe that in the near future we will be able to innovate and realize ideal jobsite operations, which feature unprecedented safety, productivity and efficiency. We are excited about this first step forward to a promising future of automating construction jobsite operations.

* GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System is a general term for navigation systems, which are developed by different countries, e.g., GPS by the United States and GLONASS by Russian Republic.
Our Machine Control Technologies Report on Seeding Activities in North America Future Potentials of Machine Control Construction Equipment and ICT-intensive Construction