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Q3.Environmental efforts are also becoming ever more important in business activities today. In Japan, especially since the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, reduction of electric power consumption has resulted in an urgent task. What kind of environmental efforts is Komatsu planning for the near future?

Environmental efforts are one of the highest-priority tasks of companies in order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and ensure sustainable growth. Komatsu will proactively make efforts to reduce environmental inpact in all business aspects.

With respect to our measures against climate change (global warming), we are making solid efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in both development and production operations. Concerning CO2 emissions in the stages of production to disposal of construction equipment, some 90% comes from customers’ use. Therefore, in development, we are concerting efforts to hybrid hydraulic excavators which achieve significant reduction of CO2 emissions when used and ICT-intensive construction equipment which shortens construction periods. In production, we have already launched, since fiscal 2012, the 3-year program to cut down electric power consumption in half at all plants in Japan. This program calls for introduction of energy-efficient buildings, manufacturing equipment and high-yield configuration of production lines. We are continuing these efforts designed to simultaneously improve productivity and reduce power consumption.

From the viewpoint of the so-called recycle-based society, we are continuing our efforts to minimize the use of chemical substances of environmental burden and further promote Zero Emissions in production. We will also be facilitating the wide use of remanufactured components and re-use rates of parts.

With respect to biodiversity preservation, we are emphasizing the One Activity per Base program in addition to conventional efforts. We are making joint efforts with local residents to preserve biodiversity by building biotopes which integrate local water and forest resources, for example, in Usuki City in Oita Prefecture, where we have the Test Engineering Center, in Komatsu City where we manage Komatsu Green Park, and Osaka, Oyama and Koriyama plants.

Environmental preservation is absolutely indispensable for companies to ensure sustainable growth. We will be further improving the level of our environmental efforts by collaborating with our overseas manufacturing and sales subsidiaries, distributors and suppliers around the world.

Goal and results of CO2 emissions volume
The Komatsu Group has achieved the FY2012 goal for CO2 emissions volume.