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Q2.Corporate social responsibility is gaining importance for sustainable growth of companies today. Please share your thoughts about this trend.

By providing our products and service, for example, construction equipment to develop cities, mining equipment to obtain commodities, and forest machines needed to produce lumber and pulp, we are helping people improve their lives around the world. In the course of our business operation, we foster the growth of local people with maintenance skills for our machines, thereby contributing to the vitalization of local human resources and communities. Therefore, I believe our business on a global scale itself represents CSR efforts.

Under the growth strategies based on innovation in the new mid-range management plan, we are going to facilitate the development and market introduction of products which feature leading-edge ICT advantages, such as Machine Control/Guidance construction equipment designed to streamline and eventually automate construction jobsites, Autonomous Haulage System which contributes to improved safety and yields, and fleet control systems for forest machines. Through these efforts, we are determined to change our customers’ jobsites together with them and create new values through innovation. I feel this is also our big responsibility.

When engaging in these businesses, we must make the utmost emphasis on safety as a manufacturer. Safety is a CSR by itself, and is also our commitment to ourselves, families and all colleagues around us. Furthermore, compliance is our commitment to local communities, and quality is our commitment to customers. Without these three commitments, I believe no company can exist. I would like to manage Komatsu for sustainable growth, as we make progress in business while fulfilling these responsibilities.